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19 Best CrossFit Boxes in New Westminster, Canada

We found 19 CrossFit gyms and boxes in New Westminster, Canada.

5(78 reviews)

V6X-1B8 Richmond+1 604-727-7228

Why CrossFit Overdrive?
  • Coach Sammy's vibe was amazing!

  • Everyone was so nice!

  • The equipment, location and attention was a 10/10!

  • Friendly and inviting group of people.

  • Opportunity to catch up and participate fully in all the workouts.

  • Friendly and encouraging atmosphere fosters a distinct sense of community.

  • Great Community and workout.

  • Coaches are well trained, professional, and friendly.

  • A great place to start doing Crossfit.

CrossFit Overdrive
5(44 reviews)

V3W 4Z3 Surrey+1 604-765-7457

Why CrossFit Renegade?
  • Great coaching

  • Welcoming atmosphere

  • Qualified instructors

  • Diverse clientele

  • Motivating environment

CrossFit Renegade
5(33 reviews)

v1m4b9 langley+1 778-705-9650

Why Fort to Fort CrossFit?
  • Friendly staff

  • Knowledgeable coaches

  • Top of the line equipment

  • Super clean and tidy

  • Great atmosphere

Fort to Fort CrossFit
5(26 reviews)

V3C 6P4 Port Coquitlam+1 778-866-6453

Why Sheepdog CrossFit?
  • Best gym experience

  • Improved strength and overall health

  • Positive impact in different areas of life

  • Amazing community support

  • Top-notch coaches

Sheepdog CrossFit
5(6 reviews)

V3B0J5 Coquitlam+1 604-526-5196

Why CrossFit Coquitlam?
  • Amazing community

  • Knowledgeable coaches

  • Modified workouts available

  • Variety of workouts

  • Encouraging and supportive atmosphere

4.9(131 reviews)

V3K1B9 Coquitlam+1 604-526-5196

Why Rocky Point CrossFit?
  • Amazing coaches

  • Supportive community

  • Modified workouts available

  • Different workouts each time

  • Caters to all fitness levels

Rocky Point CrossFit
4.9(61 reviews)

V7P 1L4 North Vancouver+1 604-839-0296

Why CrossFit Lions?
  • Great workouts

  • Amazing coaches

  • Fun and comfortable atmosphere

  • Knowledgeable and friendly coaches

  • Accommodates different skill levels

  • For everyone, not intimidating

  • Loving the results

  • Supportive community

  • Scalable workout for every level

  • Experienced coaches

  • Welcoming community

CrossFit Lions
4.9(38 reviews)

V3A 5J6 Langley+1 604-532-0025

Why Campus CrossFit?
  • Great Team and workouts that push your limits in a safe environment

  • Trainers focus on warm-up and technique before starting the main workout

  • Coaches monitor and coach athletes through their workouts

  • Variety of workouts to prevent boredom

  • Plenty of options to scale the workout based on fitness level

  • Deep sense of community in the gym

4.9(18 reviews)

V3Z 0Z5 Surrey+1 604-889-4091

Why CrossFit South Surrey?
  • Coaches are supportive and attentive

  • Workouts are suitable for beginners up to seasoned athletes

  • Great community and welcoming environment

  • CrossFit South Surrey helps you get active and strong again

  • Qualified professionals prioritize safety without compromising excitement

4.8(143 reviews)

V6A 1K9 Vancouver+1 604-899-9443

Why CrossFit 604?
  • Humble and attentive teachers

  • Welcoming and non-cult like atmosphere

  • Focus on technique and mobility

  • Great community

  • Spacious and well-equipped facility

CrossFit 604
4.8(92 reviews)

V7L 4T4 North Vancouver+1 778-875-4825

Why FA CrossFit?
  • Knowledgeable and supportive coaches

  • Excellent workout programming

  • Warm and friendly community

  • Challenging and scalable programming

  • Good mix of lifting and cardio workouts

4.8(62 reviews)

V5T 1A6 Vancouver+1 604-683-2446

Why Strathcona CrossFit?
  • Coaches are knowledgeable and passionate

  • Welcoming and supportive environment

  • Challenging but scalable programming

  • Amazing community

  • Opportunity to challenge yourself and learn new skills

4.8(56 reviews)

V3M 5K2 New Westminster+1 604-828-2844

Why CrossFit New West?
  • Coaches are professional, knowledgeable, and friendly

  • Owners care about their members and provide attentive coaching

  • Members are welcoming and supportive

  • Spacious gym with plenty of equipment

  • Cleanliness and quality of the facilities are impressive

CrossFit New West
4.8(29 reviews)

V3S 5N4 Surey+41 78 639 76 79

Why CrossFit Cloverdale?
  • Warm welcome from coaches and other crossfitters

  • Top-notch coaching and advice

  • Great atmosphere

  • Tailored workouts for all levels

  • Motivating community

CrossFit Cloverdale
4.8(28 reviews)

V5Y 3E9 Vancouver+1 604-763-2414

Why CrossFit Westside?
  • Great coaches

  • Clean facility

  • Variety of class times

CrossFit Westside
4.6(20 reviews)

V3e 1k9 Coquitlam+1 604-655-7622

Why CrossFit CBC?
  • Very welcoming and attentive coach

  • Friendly and supportive community

  • Access to lifts, conditioning, and core work

  • Life-changing experience for many

  • Great coaches and encouraging members

4.5(31 reviews)

V7H 2V2 North Vancouver+1 604-698-7203

Why Coast Mountain CrossFit?
  • Trainers, equipment, workouts and community are all top notch

  • The facility is new, clean, and the equipment is great

  • Coaches are super helpful at making adjustments to the workouts

Coast Mountain CrossFit
4.4(14 reviews)

V7C 5K5 Richmond+1 510-734-6834

Why CrossFit Sea Level?
  • Friendly atmosphere for beginners

  • Helpful and knowledgeable coaches

  • Diverse community with people at different fitness levels

  • Strong sense of community

  • Good trainers

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