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Wodily is the best way to find CrossFit gyms and boxes in your area.

About Wodily

Wodily was founded in 2024 by CrossFit athletes João Aguiam and Ilias Ism who were frustrated by the lack of a fitness directory to find CrossFit gyms while traveling.

After constantly struggling to find up-to-date information on CrossFit boxes everywhere from Lisbon to London, they decided to create their own platform to connect "WOD travelers" to gyms worldwide.

The Mission

Wodily's mission is to make it easy for anyone to find and connect with CrossFit affiliates in their area or while traveling. We want to empower the global CrossFit community through seamless gym discovery and help boxes attract and retain members.

How Wodily Works

Wodily maintains a database of over 10,000+ affiliated CrossFit gyms around the world and counting. We compile key information like location, contact details, coaches, pricing, popular class times, and user reviews.

Members can search for CrossFit boxes conveniently by location and filter by amenities. Traveling athletes can easily discover drop-in information to plan their workouts.

For CrossFit gym owners, creating a Wodily profile is easy and provides exposure to attract prospective members. Owners can claim their listingto update information and monitor reviews.

The Wodily Community

At our core, we believe CrossFit creates life-long connections through fitness. Wodily strengthens that sense of community by enabling members to find welcoming boxes wherever the road takes them.

As entrepreneurs themselves, the founders of Wodily are passionate about supporting small business owners. We want to help CrossFit affiliates grow and thrive by connecting them with potential members.

Read how CrossFit in Switzerland is growing thanks to Wodily, where both of the Wodily founders live.

If you have any questions about finding a CrossFit gym near you or claiming your affiliate profile, please contact us through our Twitter! We'd love to help you get connected.

João Aguiam

João Aguiam


João is an entrepreneur and loves to build products, transforming ideas into products. Since 2020, he's been the co-founder and CTO of Veertly, which has been acquired by Swisscom. Now, he's building Wodily and other projects in public.

Ilias Ism

Ilias Ism


Ilias is a SEO expert and loves to build products, transforming ideas into products. He is the co-founder of MagicSpace SEO, a leading SEO agency in Switzerland. Now, he's marketing Wodily and other projects in public.