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7 Best CrossFit Boxes in Mainz, Germany

We found 7 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Mainz, Germany.

5(33 reviews)

65205 Wiesbaden+49 177 8936726

Why CrossFit Liberty?
  • Knowledgeable and helpful coaches

  • Family-friendly atmosphere

  • Personalized coaching

  • Great small groups atmosphere

  • Friendly and welcoming community

5(13 reviews)

65719 Hofheim-Wallau+49 176 82094645

Why CrossFit Main Taunus?
  • Top Location

  • Top Trainer

  • Great atmosphere

  • Competent coaches

  • Great community

4.9(155 reviews)

65189 Wiesbaden+49 178 8689891

Why CrossFit Wiesbaden?
  • Welcoming and friendly environment

  • Talented and professional coach

  • Well-stocked and organized facility

  • Strong sense of community and support

  • Effective training program

CrossFit Wiesbaden
4.9(69 reviews)

55129 Mainz+49 172 6122582

Why 50 Grad Nord CrossFit?
  • Great coaches and great community

  • Outstanding and very clean facility

  • Fun workouts and professional staff-members

  • No membership fees during Covid-19 lockdown

  • Very fast organization to ensure maximum training opportunities

50 Grad Nord CrossFit
4.9(28 reviews)

55268 Nieder-Olm+49 6136 7520298

Why CrossFit 8674?
  • Great coaching team

  • Friendly and helpful trainers

  • Scalable workouts for everyone

  • Family atmosphere

  • Well-equipped facility

4.7(59 reviews)

65197 Wiesbaden+49 1578 6211975

Why CrossFit Central Wiesbaden?
  • Amazing coaches with a lot of experience and expertise

  • Great workout that pushes you daily

  • Good coaching and small classes

  • Warm, hospitable, and friendly community

  • Opportunity to meet friends and be part of a community

CrossFit Central Wiesbaden
4.6(22 reviews)

55286 Wörrstadt+49 1511 9710212

Why CrossFit Mainz?
  • Mega Box. Super Community.

  • Very nice people and very good attention is paid to the execution, I know few people with such good executions.

  • Nice family environment!

  • Price/performance ratio for crossfit clubs/boxing very fair.

  • Location with outdoor sports, equipment etc. also very good.

  • Registration/admission was very easy, during Corona or injury breaks expired 10 tickets were reactivated again and again. Very, very customer-friendly, this is about sport and personal development and not about making money with Matke Cossfit!

  • Expert and very attractive trainers!

  • Best box, great people, you feel like part of the community, very familiar, very, very recommendable!!!!

CrossFit Mainz
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