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9 Best CrossFit Boxes in Canoas, Brazil

We found 9 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Canoas, Brazil.

5(275 reviews)

92025840 Canoas+55 51 99957-4048

Why Graw CrossFit?
  • Top training

  • Sensational team of teachers

  • Motivated class

  • Family atmosphere

  • Super nice place

Graw CrossFit
5(93 reviews)

90160006 Porto Alegre+55 51 99522-0512

Why Elo CrossFit?
  • Top top top !!

  • Gym for those who want to modify their morphology, Elo Crossfit is the right choice..

  • Great spot! Dedicated team willing to deliver the most welcoming and attentive service possible to students, regardless of each one's goals. The workouts are thought out in a diverse way and never leave anything to be desired, intense in the right measure. Relaxed environment that seeks to build bonds beyond physical activity.

  • Space aimed at those who lead a busy life but want to add more health to their daily lives. Sensational service.

  • Here I found more than teachers and coaches, I found friends. A place where diversity makes anyone feel comfortable to train. Training with a lot of technique and focused on the health of the practitioner. Super flexible hours. Coaches prepared with solid knowledge and Box certified by Crossfit (this is very important when choosing a place to place our trust) Exercises adapted for all levels. Highly recommend to everyone!!!

5(89 reviews)

92200350 Canoas+55 51 3785-4441

Why CrossFit Canoas?
  • Experienced teachers who are attentive to the student's needs

  • Intense training and adapted according to the objective

  • Space and cozy atmosphere

  • Excellent classes and teaching method

  • Sensational place with beautiful and cheerful people

CrossFit Canoas
4.9(102 reviews)

91530001 Porto Alegre+55 51 99970-1157

Why Ginge CrossFit?
  • Licensed Crossfit box

  • Qualified instructors

  • High quality training sessions

  • Great environment

  • Excellent teachers

Ginge CrossFit
4.9(99 reviews)

90880001 Porto Alegre+55 51 99291-4760

Why CrossFit Equifavela?
  • Top space and good equipment

  • Attentive trainers

  • Best value for money

  • Qualified and interested coaches

  • Receptive staff

CrossFit Equifavela
4.8(142 reviews)

93265350 Esteio+55 51 99575-0565

Why CrossFit Esteio?
  • Competent and helpful professionals

  • Great place to improve quality of life

  • Clean and spacious bathrooms

  • Excellent qualified professionals

  • Only affiliated box in the region

CrossFit Esteio
4.7(94 reviews)

91350250 Porto Alegre+55 51 3279-1298

Why CrossFit ICD?
  • Topzera

  • Top.

  • Top top top

  • Teachers and attendants note 10.

4.7(44 reviews)

92020-030 Canoas+55 51 3060-0444

Why SuperForce CrossFit Marechal Rondon?
  • Top

  • Good space, high-quality professionals who are also attentive to the individual needs of the student

  • Good training atmosphere

  • Good schedules too

SuperForce CrossFit Marechal Rondon
4.6(72 reviews)

91360-000 Porto Alegre+55 51 99955-0756

Why SuperForce CrossFit?
  • Great structure

  • Wonderful and attentive instructors

  • Top location

  • Super affordable

  • Good place with basic equipment

SuperForce CrossFit
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