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11 Best CrossFit Boxes in Zandhoven, Belgium

We found 11 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Zandhoven, Belgium.

5(26 reviews)

2340 Beerse+32 14 25 59 95

Why CrossFit Brug 6?
  • Super pleased with the reception

  • Excited about sport

  • Run and bike XXL was super

  • Top

  • Nice place

5(19 reviews)

2235 Westmeerbeek+32 499 89 87 74

Why CrossFit Ambrosius?
  • Great coaches

  • Professional guidance

  • Variety of workouts

  • Attention to correct technique

  • Accessible for all levels

5(10 reviews)

2240 Zandhoven+32 476 47 30 86

Why CrossFit Zandhoven?
  • Good customers service

  • Getting to know and encounter yourself inside and out (sometimes literally 😊) during one of the Glenn sessions... oddly enough very pleasant. Nice club, nice people, nice "lessons" (or do I really have to use one of those difficult abbreviations?) 🙌👊

  • Very nice crossfit box! Everything neatly arranged. Nice material. Really invites you to train and to suffer. Super professional trainers with a lot of experience and smooth chat. Nice atmosphere and ambiance.

5(1 reviews)

2650 Edegem+32 3 454 55 66

Why CrossFit Hangar 154?
  • Great equipment

  • Knowledgeable coaches

  • Friendly atmosphere

4.9(108 reviews)

2018 Antwerpen+32 476 78 82 65

Why CrossFit Antwerpen?
  • Great crossfit box

  • Experienced coaches

  • Well maintained equipment

  • Great community

  • Welcoming for beginners

4.9(82 reviews)

2060 Antwerp+32 485 57 21 33

Why CrossFit Moves?
  • Team spirit

  • Great coaching

  • Fun events

  • Well educated trainers

  • Individual guidance

CrossFit Moves
4.9(62 reviews)

2300 Turnhout+32 14 39 18 03

Why Black Oak CrossFit?
  • Great crossfit box

  • Huge parking lot

  • Very clean

  • Welcoming crossfit community

  • Amazing people

4.9(16 reviews)

2260 Westerlo+32 14 96 03 49

Why CrossFit Omnimove?
  • Excellent CrossFit box! Open 7 days a week, fantastic coaches and atmosphere 👍

  • I am very satisfied with the reception in this special health fitness center. I was even psychologically helped over the threshold.. because people there had understood that very quickly and conveniently!! The reception and correct information was so personal and motivating, with a joke to my obnoxious habits. Back school and Cor group lessons should become an integral part of everyone's lifestyle. The relaxing yoga afterwards.. also ensured that I did not experience any stiffness the day after. It is my honor and pleasure to be followed and helped to have a good, healthy body here. On top of that, a week later I received a phone call : asking for the feedback of my experience. Beautiful right!!! Where do you come across that. Thanks... 2023 has a whole new health impetus, with quality and fine professional guidance! Congratulations team!!!! I recommend it to everyone... if it's not clear yet 🤩

  • Top club with locations in Vorselaar, Geel and Herentals with a unique professional approach. They have very accessible back school classes and yoga with passionate coaches. What is so nice is that the coaches are really interested in your personal situation and give personal tips and guidance: position of my car seat, choice of office chair, customized exercises while brushing your teeth, how best to work in the garden, and much more. so much more. The back school lesson series of 8 lessons is also recommended: I learned a lot about muscles and joints and how best to move and strengthen. My back and neck problems that have been ruining my life are now well under control. And it is also just a nice club where you immediately receive a warm and personal welcome. Don't hesitate, do it!

  • I've been going for at least 8 years. Not purely for yoga, CrossFit or back training (because these classes are all great). But this place is more than a gym! Your complete well-being is taken care of and you can feel it the first time you enter through the warm smile you receive. And even as a "permanent" member you will receive the necessary attention and proper guidance. Also important: everyone is welcome. Young and old, with experience or starter.

  • About 2,5 years ago I entered the personal coaching trajectory with diabetes types 2. Medication was started and if I drastically changed my lifestyle I might be able to omit the medication. 1 year later medication in the trash and now still medication free. Thanks to the coaching and motivation of the coaches. Even with a size more you feel at home here and everything is adapted to your level and abilities.

CrossFit Omnimove
4.7(32 reviews)

2520 Ranst

Why CrossFit Imparo?
  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

  • Good coaching staff

  • Convenient booking system

  • Personalized feedback and adaptation of exercises

  • Professional yet personal approach

4.7(29 reviews)

2500 Lier+32 476 91 11 11

Why CrossFit Lier?
  • The coaches are highly skilled

  • Plenty of equipment available

  • Super welcoming to newcomers

  • Coaches and athletes ready to help and motivate

  • Professional coaches who challenge you

CrossFit Lier
4.7(18 reviews)

2390 Malle+32 479 28 02 00

Why CrossFit Malle?
  • Great coaches

  • Very friendly group of people

  • Good coaching on all aspects of Crossfit

  • Good atmosphere

  • Cool box with good coaches

CrossFit Malle
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