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7 Best CrossFit Boxes in Elizabeth South, Australia

We found 7 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Elizabeth South, Australia.

5(135 reviews)

5095 Green Fields+61 402 053 190

Why CrossFit TRG?
  • Great coaching

  • Supportive coaches

  • Awesome community

  • Challenging and fun workouts

  • Friendly people

5(88 reviews)

5014 HENDON+61 433 442 111

Why CrossFit Aere?
  • One of the best, if not THE best, Crossfit gym in Australia

  • Impressive gym with legitimate and professional equipment

  • Supportive and friendly community

  • Knowledgeable and challenging coach

  • Opportunity to improve overall physical fitness

CrossFit Aere
5(62 reviews)

5087 Windsor Gardens+61 480 031 510

Why CrossFit Proficient?
  • Great trainers and a wonderful community

  • Baby friendly program for new moms

  • Fantastic kids program

  • Patient and knowledgeable coach for kids

  • Welcoming and friendly environment

CrossFit Proficient
4.9(14 reviews)

5095 Pooraka+61 424 319 887

Why CrossFit 5000?
  • Excellent staff who know what they are doing and design a program just for you.

  • Plenty of equipment to use and lots of space so you arent crammed in a small space with a bunch of models preening themselves with one eye on the mirrors.

  • Deanna knows her craft and is such a pleasant kind person who enjoys helping people.

  • Warm, welcoming and supportive. It's like a big family that helps you get fit, get ripped and be awesome.

  • Perfect all round family environment, well equipped establishment very friendly coaches with a huge amount of knowledge to share.

CrossFit 5000
4.9(14 reviews)

5092 Modbury+61 407 118 531

Why CrossFit Lactic?
  • Great community for all levels of ability

  • Best workout in the North East

  • Very happy people

  • Getting amazing results

  • Great trainers

4.8(45 reviews)

5112 Elizabeth South+61 425 259 113

Why CrossFit Northern Adelaide?
  • Helpful and accommodating staff

  • Engaging and encouraging environment

  • Knowledgeable and supportive coaches

  • Friendly and inclusive community

  • Great facilities

CrossFit Northern Adelaide
4.7(63 reviews)

5007 Welland+41 79 438 12 30

Why CrossFit Adelaide?
  • The staff is nice

  • The studio is medium-sized and humble

  • There are changing rooms with curtains for men and women

  • Competitions held regularly with great support

  • New equipment and clean environment

CrossFit Adelaide
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