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5 Best CrossFit Boxes in Waterford, United States

We found 5 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Waterford, United States.

5(20 reviews)

48362 Lake Orion+1 248-376-0686

Why CrossFit Abyss?
  • Workouts are scaled appropriately for all skill levels

  • Friendly and welcoming staff

  • Solid coaching advice

  • Amazing community vibe

  • Challenging and scalable programming

  • Welcoming yet pushes you to be your best

  • Great place to learn, challenge yourself, and celebrate accomplishments

CrossFit Abyss
4.9(69 reviews)

48073 Royal Oak+1 248-565-8196

Why New Species CrossFit?
  • Owners/coaches are young, friendly, and eager to help

  • Incredible workouts that improve cardiovascular endurance

  • Various class offerings including kids classes, gymnastics, and yoga

  • Flexible class schedule with multiple options throughout the day

  • Diverse age range and fitness levels among participants

New Species CrossFit
4.8(31 reviews)

48346 Clarkston+1 810-701-9422

Why Dignified CrossFit?
  • Best place in Michigan for crossfit workouts

  • Friendly and welcoming staff and members

  • Coaches are knowledgeable and inspiring

  • Quality coaching and programming

  • Warm and welcoming community

Dignified CrossFit
4.8(24 reviews)

48328 Waterford+1 248-961-4922

Why CrossFit Ferocity?
  • Awesome and welcoming community

  • Great coaches and staff

  • Variety of class times and workouts

  • Help with nutrition plans

  • Motivating and supportive environment

CrossFit Ferocity
4.8(15 reviews)

48371 Oxford+1 662-202-7750

Why Building Your Temple CrossFit?
  • Welcoming and supportive community

  • Professional and friendly coaches

  • Family-friendly environment

  • Affordable memberships

  • Fun WODs and community events

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