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26 Best CrossFit Boxes in Washington, United States

We found 26 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Washington, United States.

5(179 reviews)

22201 Arlington+1 703-688-2238

Why Ballston CrossFit?
  • Best gym I've ever been to

  • Coaches helped me develop necessary skills

  • Fantastic community

  • Top notch coaching, equipment, and facility

  • Positive and professional environment

  • Staff and community are amazing

  • Program Training is excellent

  • Professional and knowledgeable coaches

  • Care and technical skill is unmatched

Ballston CrossFit
5(44 reviews)

20705 Beltsville+1 240-790-8105

Why PG CrossFit?
  • One of the best CrossFit gyms in the area!

  • PG CrossFit has a family atmosphere

  • Well-programmed workouts

  • Coaches really care about the athlete's form to avoid injuries

  • Great high energy atmosphere

5(34 reviews)

22304 Alexandria+1 571-572-2556

Why CrossFit Alepou?
  • Exceptional coach

  • Supportive and welcoming community

  • Great instruction on movement and workouts

  • Clean and comfortable gym

  • Feel like part of a family

5(25 reviews)

20011 Washington+1 202-643-6439

Why Second Wind CrossFit?
  • Real coaching

  • Welcoming environment

  • Time flexibility for classes

  • Members cheer each other on

  • Excellent fitness coaching

  • Impactful nutritional coaching

  • Collegial atmosphere

  • Opportunity for personal growth

  • Adapted workouts

Second Wind CrossFit
5(16 reviews)

20593-7000 Washington+1 314-609-0369

Why Guardian CrossFit?
  • Great gym environment

  • Motivating and empowering atmosphere

  • Members make you feel like family

  • Well-maintained and cleaned equipment

  • Effective nutrition program

5(13 reviews)

22314 Alexandria

Why CrossFit NBHD?
  • The Neighborhood is an amazing spot to spend a good training time in Alexandria.

  • They are excellent fitness professionals, guiding you step by step.

  • The community is super friendly.

  • You can find in this box all the items to get a great workout.

  • They have excellent prices.

  • The facility is large and spacious.

  • They offer open gym or classes.

  • They have a variety of equipment.

  • They offer a Foundations course.

4.9(100 reviews)

20310 Washington+1 703-947-0622

Why CrossFit Pentagon?
  • Helped me get back on track with my fitness goals

  • Coaches are observant and provide good communication

  • Established long-lasting friendships with other athletes

  • Great coaches, facility, and people

  • Quality instruction, fun atmosphere, solid workout

CrossFit Pentagon
4.9(91 reviews)

22182 Vienna+1 571-318-9427

Why CrossFit Route 7?
  • Coaches and members are amazing, very inclusive

  • The classes were well run

  • The coaches are knowledgeable and bring a ton of positive energy

  • There is an incredible and hard working community here that is welcoming, supportive, and genuinely kind

  • The quality of coaching is excellent

  • Progress is made daily and results are seen within months of learning new skills

CrossFit Route 7
4.9(74 reviews)

20852 Rockville+1 301-900-4424

Why Tough Temple CrossFit?
  • Big clean well equipped facility

  • Effective coaching

  • HIIT class incorporates animal flow

  • Encouraging workout environment

  • Knowledgeable coaches

Tough Temple CrossFit
4.9(66 reviews)

20002 Washington+1 202-780-0309

Why CrossFit DC Northeast?
  • Great gym for beginners and advanced athletes

  • Coaches are knowledgeable and motivating

  • Friendly and encouraging community

  • Convenient class times

  • Transformational fitness experience

4.9(65 reviews)

20910 Silver Spring+1 240-670-7836

Why CrossFit Inner Loop?
  • Phenomenal experience for our son

  • Positive environment

  • Friendly trainers

  • Well organized gym

  • Great coaching

CrossFit Inner Loop
4.9(59 reviews)

20781 Hyattsville+1 301-277-7000

Why CrossFit Hyattsville?
  • Personalized coaching and attention

  • Motivated and supportive community

  • Effective and efficient workouts

  • Highly competent and caring coaches

  • Inclusive and judgment-free environment

CrossFit Hyattsville
4.9(42 reviews)

20002 Washington+1 202-804-5944

Why Old City CrossFit?
  • The coach Kara was super friendly and attentive

  • The facility is clean and well maintained

  • The coaches really help you figure each movement out

  • The coaches are spectacular and super encouraging

  • The people at Old City aren't overly competitive and they want to see you succeed

Old City CrossFit
4.9(25 reviews)

20001 Washington+1 202-556-5304

Why CrossFit MPH?
  • Great coaching

  • Awesome community

  • Knowledgeable and attentive owner

  • Well-maintained CrossFit box

  • Fantastic coaching

4.9(15 reviews)

22301 Alexandria

Why CrossFit MVA?
  • Fitness and wellness in four main areas - Strength, Conditioning, Mobility/Flexibility, and Nutrition

  • Balanced programming between strength and conditioning

  • Comprehensive warm-up and mobility cool-down

  • Experienced and knowledgeable coaches

  • Great community atmosphere

CrossFit MVA
4.8(52 reviews)

22182 Vienna+1 571-354-8348

Why CrossFit Tysons Corner?
  • Flexible open gym hours

  • More than just monthly payment options

  • Friendly staff and members

  • Great experience so far

  • Improved fitness game and happy with results

CrossFit Tysons Corner
4.8(51 reviews)

22079 Lorton+1 703-595-3144

Why CrossFit Lorton?
  • Great coaches and office staff

  • Easy billing and membership process

  • Tailored workouts and one-on-one attention

  • Thoughtful and effective programming

  • Friendly and supportive community

CrossFit Lorton
4.8(32 reviews)

20016 Washington+1 360-454-0347

Why CrossFit P.U.G.?
  • Love the experience

  • Coaching staff is very helpful

  • Programming is fun and challenging

  • Coaches are friendly, motivating, and knowledgeable

  • Achieved several fitness goals

  • Coaches push harder every day

  • Family-oriented establishment

  • Made several new friends

  • Trainers are exceptional

  • Programming and coaching suitable for all fitness levels

  • Supportive members

  • Nice vibe all around

CrossFit P.U.G.
4.7(101 reviews)

22304 Alexandria+1 703-854-9960

Why Sand and Steel CrossFit?
  • Welcoming and knowledgeable instructors

  • Flexible and accommodating to different workout styles

  • Great sense of community and belonging

  • Effective OnRamp classes for beginners

  • Thorough coaching and visible results

4.7(37 reviews)

20009 Washington+1 202-933-1617

Why CrossFit Hierarchy?
  • Great location and has friendly people.

  • Welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

  • Large open floor with lots of natural light.

  • Safe location.

  • Great workouts and coaches.

  • Amazing community.

  • Well-maintained equipment.

  • Connected to a grocery store and coffee shops.

  • Supportive team culture.

  • Transformed base fitness and strength.

  • Devoted and fun coaches.

CrossFit Hierarchy
4.6(45 reviews)

22304 Alexandria+1 703-408-7887

Why CrossFit Kingstowne?
  • Great communication

  • Excellent coaching and coaches

  • Efficient classes

  • Amazing community

  • Well-run gym

  • Good equipment

  • Involved and thoughtful owner

  • Excellent coaches

  • Warm and welcoming gym community

  • Welcoming and excited instructors

  • Workouts tailored to our needs

  • Friendly members

  • Great customer service

CrossFit Kingstowne
4.5(11 reviews)

22209 Arlington+1 703-465-8100

Why CrossFit 2501?
  • Legitimately care about their athletes

  • Friendly staff with a warm family-like environment

  • Very welcoming community

  • Great place for beginners

  • Maintains contact with past members

CrossFit 2501
4.1(88 reviews)

20032 Bolling AFB+1 202-767-5895

Why CrossFit Bolling?
  • Pasted my fitness test so automatic 5 stars

  • Well-equipped gym with technology for newest Air Force fitness test

  • Friendly staff

  • Quality equipment

  • Clean facility

CrossFit Bolling
4(8 reviews)

22306 Alexandria+1 703-665-9375

Why Capital CrossFit?
  • Warm welcome and support from the owner

  • Excellent and thorough Jiu Jitsu program

  • Qualified coaches and great class sizes

  • Competitive price compared to other gyms

  • Plenty of equipment and personal space during Covid

Capital CrossFit
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