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17 Best CrossFit Boxes in Phoenix, United States

We found 17 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Phoenix, United States.

5(183 reviews)

85258 Scottsdale+1 480-680-9099

Why Hammer CrossFit East?
  • The gym was very welcoming for me as a drop-in!

  • The coach, Michael, was friendly and structured the warmup well to prep me for the workout.

  • The gym had all of the equipment you need and is spaced out well.

  • Great spot with a great vibe! I highly recommend.

  • I have been doing F45 for about four months, and I love it. However, I wanted to add something new and challenge myself in a way I hadn’t before.

Hammer CrossFit East
5(120 reviews)

85226 Chandler+1 480-571-0697

Why East Valley CrossFit?
  • Great coaches

  • Variety of programming

  • Tons of different equipment

  • Very knowledgeable trainers

  • Welcoming community

East Valley CrossFit
5(116 reviews)

85018 Phoenix+1 602-762-5196

Why Sol CrossFit?
  • Cleanest and most organized gym

  • Members are friendly and welcoming

  • Coaches are engaged and attentive

  • Allows for open gym/extra work during class times

  • Top-notch equipment

Sol CrossFit
5(92 reviews)

85251 Scottsdale+1 602-405-9330

Why Camelback CrossFit?
  • Super clean and cold AC

  • No contract and lower rate

  • Family rates and punch card option

  • Well organized and energetic group of coaches and members

  • Challenging yet scalable workouts

Camelback CrossFit
5(70 reviews)

85020 Phoenix+1 623-282-1199

Why Back Alley CrossFit?
  • Great experience

  • Friendly and knowledgeable coaches

  • Plenty of space and equipment

  • Clean and well put together box

  • Amazing community

Back Alley CrossFit
5(60 reviews)

85258 Scottsdale+1 623-343-1110

Why CrossFit North Scottsdale?
  • Welcoming and friendly environment

  • Excellent coaching staff

  • Strong sense of community

  • Great programming

  • Top-notch owners

CrossFit North Scottsdale
5(50 reviews)

85260 Scottsdale+1 480-440-4469

Why Fortified CrossFit?
  • Welcoming community atmosphere

  • Experienced and knowledgeable coaches

  • Community members are friendly and supportive

  • Coaches have physical therapy background

  • Workouts are modified for all skill levels

Fortified CrossFit
5(14 reviews)

85224 Chandler+1 480-420-8955

Why You Make CrossFit?
  • Incredible energy and supportive group atmosphere

  • Coaching feels like personal training and one-on-one

  • Effective weight loss journey with nutrition coaching

  • Improved strength and cardio

  • Customizable workouts to each person's ability

You Make CrossFit
5(8 reviews)

85257 Scottsdale+1 602-301-8050

Why CrossFit PHX?
  • Great coaches who are knowledgeable and supportive

  • Welcoming and loving community

  • Top-notch communication and professionalism

  • Excellent programming and workouts

  • Opportunity to meet and connect with great people

CrossFit PHX
4.9(276 reviews)

85034 Phoenix+1 480-210-2212

Why Hammer CrossFit South?
  • Super proactive owner who meets your needs

  • Knowledgeable and friendly trainers

  • Community is top tier and inviting

  • Great equipment and open gym hours

  • Competitive environment to push your limits

4.9(160 reviews)

85018 Phoenix+1 602-313-1937

Why CrossFit Full Strength?
  • Welcoming and supportive environment

  • Responsive and accommodating owner

  • Knowledgeable and patient coaches

  • Effective workouts with modifications available

  • Great community and accountability partners

CrossFit Full Strength
4.9(81 reviews)

85016 Phoenix+1 602-663-4859

Why Octane CrossFit?
  • George (the owner) and his staff are amazing!

  • The community is very welcoming and will always want you to do better.

  • The coaching team is knowledgeable and great at what they do.

  • The programming is intentional and designed so that individuals of all levels will see progress.

  • The gym is well equipped and spacious.

Octane CrossFit
4.9(79 reviews)

85226 Chandler+1 480-788-8861

Why CrossFit Crew?
  • Great workout

  • Super nice and helpful coach

  • Great community

  • Very good CrossFit professionals

  • Welcoming gym

CrossFit Crew
4.9(39 reviews)

85282 Tempe+1 480-559-9008

Why Free Range CrossFit?
  • Great workouts

  • Knowledgeable and friendly owner/coach

  • Welcoming and supportive group environment

  • Ability to modify workouts for individual needs

  • Clean facility with shower

Free Range CrossFit
4.9(23 reviews)

85254 Scottsdale+1 480-401-2617

Why CrossFit Chaparral?
  • Great classes

  • Great coaches

  • Awesome community

  • Friendly and easy going

  • Excellent coaching staff

CrossFit Chaparral
4.8(122 reviews)

85032 Phoenix+1 480-788-2361

Why CrossFit Magna?
  • Best gym in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area by far!!!

  • Welcoming and helpful coaches

  • Great community

  • Lots of space

  • Carries a variety of nutritional products

CrossFit Magna
4.8(66 reviews)

85006 Phoenix+1 602-254-5301

Why Core CrossFit?
  • Super welcoming gym with a supportive atmosphere

  • Fantastic coaches who provide personalized modification options

  • Small classes allow for individualized help from coaches

  • Friendly and helpful members

  • No toxic weight loss/diet culture

Core CrossFit
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