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11 Best CrossFit Boxes in Omaha, United States

We found 11 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Omaha, United States.

5(104 reviews)

68154 Omaha+1 402-991-7991

Why Iron Hero CrossFit?
  • Coaching staff tailor their coaching to each individual level

  • Friendly and welcoming environment

  • Plenty of socializing opportunities

  • Knowledgeable and informative coaches

  • Great community

Iron Hero CrossFit
5(46 reviews)

68106 Omaha+1 712-253-0229

Why CrossFit Hydro?
  • Staff are unmatched

  • Amazing workouts

  • Equipment and scaling for all levels

  • Friendly and motivational environment

  • Knowledgeable coaches

5(30 reviews)

68128 LaVista+1 402-669-9303

Why CrossFit Papio?
  • Welcoming and encouraging coaches

  • Family friendly community

  • Thorough coaching for newcomers

  • Great atmosphere for learning

  • Productive classes that make you better and healthier

CrossFit Papio
5(15 reviews)

68136 Omaha+1 402-429-0500

Why CrossFit Millard?
  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

  • Clean gym with working equipment

  • Knowledgeable and helpful instruction

  • Smaller classes allow for more individual attention

  • Ability to modify workouts to individual skill level

CrossFit Millard
5(8 reviews)

51503 Council Bluffs+1 402-880-4413

Why CrossFit Council Bluffs?
  • Top notch coaches

  • Great instructions for lifting

  • Genuine and hardworking people

CrossFit Council Bluffs
4.9(64 reviews)

68130 Omaha+1 402-201-1631

Why CrossFit Nerve?
  • Friendly and welcoming community for all fitness levels

  • Knowledgeable and encouraging coaches

  • Supportive family of athletes

  • Involvement and helpfulness of coaches

  • Fun and inviting atmosphere

CrossFit Nerve
4.9(50 reviews)

68116 Omaha+1 402-669-7623

Why CrossFit Viral?
  • Coaches and community are amazing

  • Positive impact on participants' lives

  • Knowledgeable and friendly trainers

  • Workouts scaled to individual levels

  • Clean and spacious gym

CrossFit Viral
4.9(49 reviews)

68124 Omaha+1 402-909-3660

Why CrossFit Omaha?
  • Coaches are super great and very friendly

  • Facility is well equipped with a variety of bars, plates, etc.

  • Positive experience with welcoming and accommodating staff

  • Clean facility with all the necessary equipment

  • Great community and atmosphere

CrossFit Omaha
4.9(30 reviews)

68102 Omaha+1 402-881-0787

Why DTO CrossFit?
  • Friendly and welcoming coaches and members

  • Personalized attention and one-on-one assistance

  • Fun and scalable programming for all levels

  • Community of supportive and strong women

  • Opportunity to make great friendships

DTO CrossFit
4.9(22 reviews)

68122 Omaha+1 402-915-0936

Why CrossFit Solaria?
  • Exceptionally clean gym

  • Amazing people (coaches and athletes)

  • Top-notch programming

  • Individualized attention from coaches

  • Interactive and fun classes

CrossFit Solaria
4.8(44 reviews)

68005 Bellevue+1 425-659-3005

Why BU CrossFit?
  • Welcoming and open to beginners

  • Great community

  • Solid trainers

  • Instructive and motivating coaches

  • Color-coded workouts

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