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5 Best CrossFit Boxes in New Albany, United States

We found 5 CrossFit gyms and boxes in New Albany, United States.

5(93 reviews)

40206 Louisville+1 502-295-6240

Why Butchertown CrossFit?
  • Best Crossfit Box in town

  • Exceptionally clean and well ventilated

  • Equipment is in great shape and updated often

  • Staff and community is what sets this gym apart

  • Outstanding place to drop into

  • Coaching was great

  • CrossFit Butchertown is an amazing community

  • Program keeps you challenged in a good way

  • Coaches are knowledgeable and fun

  • Athletes are friendly and supportive

  • Building is spacious, organized, and clean

  • Plenty of space for parking

  • Grind class is also provided

  • Shower area, free Wi-Fi, and a play room for kids available

  • Visiting this CrossFit is an amazing experience

  • Warm and amazing coaches

  • Sense of community is exceptional

  • Coaches are welcoming

  • Everybody works hard at fitness

  • Opportunity to learn movements to become stronger

Butchertown CrossFit
5(75 reviews)

40206 Louisville

Why Derby City CrossFit?
  • Website was easy to navigate

  • Immediate help through contact

  • Friendly and helpful coach

  • Plenty of space and equipment

  • Positive and welcoming community

Derby City CrossFit
5(46 reviews)

47150 New Albany+1 502-509-3801

Why Four Barrel CrossFit?
  • Positive impact on physical and mental health

  • Individualized feedback and coaching

  • Different workouts to stay motivated

  • Nutrition coaching is worth it

  • Establishes a sustainable schedule of working out and eating right

  • Knowledgeable and personable staff

  • Incredible support system

  • Holistic view of fitness

  • Offer a variety of classes for all levels

  • Community and friendship

Four Barrel CrossFit
5(30 reviews)

47130 Jeffersonville+1 502-299-9711

Why Bridge View CrossFit?
  • Elite Level Training Facility

  • Top notch coaching staff

  • Positive and supportive community

  • Challenging and rewarding workouts

  • Opportunities for competition and making friends

Bridge View CrossFit
4.9(78 reviews)

40218 Louisville+1 502-536-9229

Why Fern Creek CrossFit?
  • Welcoming and inclusive staff

  • Knowledgeable coaches and owners

  • Great community and friendly members

  • Wide range of equipment and well-maintained facility

  • Nutrition coaching available

Fern Creek CrossFit
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