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20 Best CrossFit Boxes in Miami, United States

We found 20 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Miami, United States.

5(191 reviews)

33136 Miami+1 786-703-2601

Why CrossFit Yellow Falcon?
  • Family atmosphere

  • Experienced and caring coaches

  • Clean and spacious facilities

  • Supportive and welcoming community

  • Pet-friendly environment

CrossFit Yellow Falcon
5(148 reviews)

33178 Doral+1 305-418-8855

Why CrossFit Miami?
  • Welcoming atmosphere

  • Helpful and careful coaches

  • Family environment

  • Knowledgeable coaches

  • Great staff

CrossFit Miami
5(144 reviews)

33138 Miami+1 305-746-4913

Why Live Free CrossFit?
  • Coaches are always there to help and assist during each class

  • Community is welcoming and pushes you to meet your goals

  • Gym is clean and always has a variety of WODs

  • Owner is a great listener and works with you regardless of experience level

  • Positive and encouraging environment, always feel motivated

Live Free CrossFit
5(125 reviews)

33133 Miami+1 305-209-4979

Why CrossFit Coconut Grove?
  • Best box ever

  • Amazing coaches

  • Great community

  • Knowledgeable staff

  • Convenient class schedule

CrossFit Coconut Grove
5(44 reviews)

33162 North Miami Beach+1 305-307-2414

Why AB CrossFit?
  • Owners Maria and Ivan are amazing people

  • Coaches are remarkable and focus on teaching technique

  • Family-friendly atmosphere

  • Programming mirrors competitor spirit

  • Great attention and coaching

AB CrossFit
5(42 reviews)

33176 Miami+1 305-987-5752

Why CrossFit MIA?
  • Great energy

  • Helpful staff

  • Wide range of equipment

  • Friendly and knowledgeable coaches

  • Close-knit community

CrossFit MIA
5(34 reviews)

33131 Miami+1 305-775-7004

Why CrossFit DTSC?
  • Super fun team workouts on Saturdays

  • Great ambience

  • Super friendly staff

  • Good equipment for free weight workouts

  • Engaging coaches

CrossFit DTSC
5(28 reviews)

33160 North Miami Beach+1 914-494-8328

Why Just Fitness CrossFit?
  • Feels like home with a friendly community

  • Brand new equipment

  • A/C and shower available

  • Welcomes people of all fitness levels

  • Monthly community events

5(6 reviews)

33155 Miami+1 305-441-2348

Why CrossFit Soul Miami?
  • Clean and never gets very crowded

  • Wide variety of classes and activities

  • Friendly and welcoming staff

  • Great coaches and programming

  • Option to access boutique gym

CrossFit Soul Miami
4.9(146 reviews)

33143 Miami+1 786-481-3654

Why Peak 360 CrossFit?
  • Plenty of equipment

  • Super friendly vibe

  • Welcoming atmosphere

  • Challenging but scaling-friendly workouts

  • Clean and spacious facility

Peak 360 CrossFit
4.9(128 reviews)

33014 Miami Lakes+1 786-558-4163

Why Caution CrossFit Miami Lakes?
  • Amazing, very spacious, there's AC, plenty of parking

  • Great coaches! Great atmosphere whether you are a beginner or competing at a high level

  • Incredibly beginner-friendly with safe and correct coaching

  • Supportive community that goes out of their way to help

  • Effective for weight loss and improving technique

Caution CrossFit Miami Lakes
4.9(96 reviews)

33137 Miami+1 305-809-6390

Why CrossFit 305?
  • Amazing coaches who correct your posture/movements

  • Well equipped and spacious gym

  • Welcoming and knowledgeable coaches

  • Supportive and motivating community

  • Clean and safe environment with outdoor workout space

CrossFit 305
4.9(94 reviews)

33172 Miami+1 786-571-8587

Why CrossFit Unbounded?
  • Knowledgeable and helpful trainers

  • Great community atmosphere

  • Programming tailored to members' needs

  • Welcoming and friendly environment

  • Well-maintained gym with great equipment

CrossFit Unbounded
4.9(50 reviews)

33130 Miami+1 786-244-3967

Why CrossFit MLL?
  • Well-equipped and maintained gym

  • Friendly and knowledgeable coaches

  • Convenient location for drop-ins

  • Active and inclusive community

  • Positive partnership with lululemon

CrossFit MLL
4.8(152 reviews)

33139 Miami Beach+1 305-397-8655

Why Green Water CrossFit?
  • Ricky was super welcoming

  • Regulars were great

  • Box was setup nice

  • Solid workout while on vacation

  • Trainers very friendly

Green Water CrossFit
4.8(136 reviews)

33161 North Miami+1 786-709-5677

Why CrossFit Armed?
  • Coaches are knowledgeable and attentive

  • Facility is clean and well organized

  • Friendly and welcoming community

  • Offers personalized workouts for all fitness levels

  • Equipment is brand new

4.8(23 reviews)

33157 Miami+1 786-712-4258

Why CrossFit Thump?
  • Coach Pedro's programming is great and has improved my form and weight lifting techniques

  • Members are welcoming, friendly, and nonjudgmental

  • Class workouts are awesome because we all do the same movements and feel the same struggles

  • Coach Pedro has ample years of weight-lifting and coaching experience

  • Crossfit Thump is highly competitive and provides great results

CrossFit Thump
4.7(93 reviews)

33137 Miami+1 305-846-9674

Why CrossFit Wynwood?
  • Great community with people of all fitness levels

  • Good and knowledgeable coaching staff

  • Variety of events and competitions

  • Reasonable membership price

  • Large open space and workout patio

4.6(42 reviews)

33132 Miami+1 305-417-3607

Why CrossFit Downtown Miami?
  • Great coaches

  • Maintaining Covid standards

  • Lots of equipment

  • Smoothie bar

  • Professional and skilled staff

CrossFit Downtown Miami
4.3(29 reviews)

33176 Miami+1 786-429-1685

Why Crank CrossFit?
  • They take their time and show you proper technique

  • They help people of all ages and experiences learn CrossFit skills in the most fun and safest way possible

  • Great atmosphere

  • 8-9 classes a day

  • They have a protein bar

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