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24 Best CrossFit Boxes in Houston, United States

We found 24 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Houston, United States.

5(114 reviews)

77007 Houston+1 832-409-2759

Why Skyline CrossFit?
  • Solid CF gym in a good location

  • Welcoming and skilled staff/coaches

  • Technique-focused workouts

  • Clean and large facility

  • Motivating instructors

Skyline CrossFit
5(107 reviews)

77008 Houston+1 832-464-4625

Why Iron Oak CrossFit?
  • Most equipped, largest and best maintained CrossFit gym

  • Happy place indeed!

  • Coaches are excellent in guiding the community/members into achieving their goals

  • Special events and competitions within the gym

  • Coaches always have the athletes best interest in mind and are upbeat and positive

  • Large indoor space with plenty of rig-space and varying weights

  • Men/women's dressing rooms and restrooms

  • Coaches are encouraging, friendly, and know their stuff

  • Fun activities and challenges to keep the members engaged throughout the year

  • Offer nutrition coaching

Iron Oak CrossFit
5(85 reviews)

77505 Pasadena+1 832-578-9067

Why CrossFit South Belt?
  • Amazing and welcoming people

  • Well put together and challenging programming

  • Supportive community

  • Great coaches

  • Friendly and helpful staff

  • Great equipment

CrossFit South Belt
5(78 reviews)

77018 Houston+1 713-909-4251

Why Black Wolf CrossFit?
  • Super kind and inclusive community

  • Incredibly involved owner and coach

  • Comparatively fantastic pricing

  • Varied workouts with scaled alternative options

  • Active effort to maintain community feel

5(75 reviews)

77004 Houston+1 713-715-1440

Why Vegvisir CrossFit?
  • Clean and climate controlled gym

  • Wide range of athlete skill levels

  • Great coaches

  • Community feels like family

  • Supportive and encouraging atmosphere

Vegvisir CrossFit
5(43 reviews)

77077 Houston+1 713-467-1450

Why CrossFit West Houston?
  • High quality of training

  • Friendly family atmosphere

  • Varied and challenging exercises

  • Excellent nutritionist

  • Customized plans

CrossFit West Houston
5(38 reviews)

77006 Houston+1 281-846-3899

Why CrossFit Live Oak?
  • Well run classes

  • Clear coaching

  • Fun community

  • Amazing coaches

  • Friendly community

CrossFit Live Oak
5(16 reviews)

77074 Houston+1 281-649-3505

Why CrossFit Altus?
  • Coaches are fantastic

  • Chilled and welcoming environment

  • Indoor facility with A/C

  • Workouts cater to all fitness levels

  • Close-knit community

CrossFit Altus
4.9(68 reviews)

77004 Houston+1 713-304-9900

Why CrossFit Derive?
  • Positive and welcoming environment

  • Sense of community

  • Supportive and motivating coaches

  • Clear feedback and direction

  • Comprehensive workouts

CrossFit Derive
4.9(66 reviews)

77007 Houston+1 713-962-5203

Why CrossFit Be Someone?
  • Welcoming and friendly staff

  • Strong community and support

  • Coaches personalize workouts and offer guidance

  • Flexible workout options for travelers

  • Clean and organized facility

CrossFit Be Someone
4.9(60 reviews)

77401 Bellaire+1 832-304-6944

Why CrossFit Central Houston?
  • Warm welcomes and kind words

  • Coaches are attentive and provide constructive feedback

  • Ample attention to everyone present

  • Good programming with a focus on warm-up

  • Strong sense of community

  • Experienced and energetic coaches

  • Great infrastructure, spacious, and clean facility

CrossFit Central Houston
4.9(43 reviews)

77007 Houston+1 713-489-0610

Why Vintage CrossFit?
  • Amazing place with helpful and charismatic coaches

  • Great space, location, equipment, and workouts

  • Friendly community with supportive people

  • Conveniently located with plenty of equipment

  • Solid gym owner with timely programming

Vintage CrossFit
4.9(35 reviews)

77477 Stafford+1 832-454-9981

Why Atomic CrossFit?
  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

  • Talented and skilled coaches and athletes

  • Supportive community

  • Knowledgeable and approachable coaches

  • Good variety and quantity of equipment

Atomic CrossFit
4.9(33 reviews)

77086 Houston+1 713-299-0615

Why Ball and Chain CrossFit?
  • Wonderful community and commuter gym

  • Amazing coaches

  • Encouraging environment

  • Handled COVID flawlessly

  • Multiple classes offered each day

Ball and Chain CrossFit
4.9(29 reviews)

77044 Houston+1 832-572-8203

Why Clockwork CrossFit?
  • Workouts were great

  • Coaches were knowledgeable

  • Individual focus during group workouts

  • Great community

  • Fun and welcoming environment

Clockwork CrossFit
4.9(16 reviews)

77018 Houston+1 713-301-9615

Why Bayou City CrossFit?
  • Great gym with awesome owners

  • Fantastic coaches

  • Friendly members

  • Consistently on point programming

  • Help with modifications and form

Bayou City CrossFit
4.8(53 reviews)

77007 Houston+1 832-833-0500

Why CrossFit H-Town?
  • Welcoming and friendly community

  • Detailed coaching

  • Variety of classes and programming

  • Reasonable price

  • Clean facility with great equipment

CrossFit H-Town
4.8(37 reviews)

77015 Houston+1 832-374-4938

Why CrossFit MaxZero?
  • Coaches were great

  • Athletes were great

  • Intense and incredible workouts

  • Encouraging staff and coaches

  • Friendly atmosphere

4.8(28 reviews)

77054 Houston+1 713-898-3688

Why CrossFit TMC?
  • Very welcoming community

  • Super fun and challenging workouts

  • Great coaches

  • Nice family oriented atmosphere

  • Supportive and motivating environment

CrossFit TMC
4.8(18 reviews)

77023 Houston+1 832-265-8195

Why CrossFit Houston?
  • Great coaching

  • Clean facilities

  • Variety of equipment

  • Friendly community

4.8(17 reviews)

77018 Houston+1 832-692-3663

Why Rig Dog CrossFit?
  • Coach Steph is great! She really cares about your success and pushes everyone to do their best.

  • I enjoyed my classes there. I would attend the 6pm class 3 days a week and each night’s coach had their unique style. Brett focused on form and technique, Stephanie focused on personalizing workouts to fit individual needs, and Aaron focused on strength and grit. I don’t think this was an intentional setup but they just came together well and I enjoyed the feeling of a productive workout week.

  • I can easily give Rig Dog a 10/10. The coaches are always pushing for a personal best while adjusting for individual fitness levels. The community is great; super welcoming and supportive. I was hesitant to get back into crossfit and stick with it, but I find myself actually looking forward to the classes! If you're looking for a new gym, it's absolutely worth checking out.

  • Rig Dog is a great gym. I just returned to working out after 5 years of school and desk job, and need the push of a good coach. Carlton is great at keeping me moving when the will is whining to quit. Lots of attention is given to form and safety. I suffer sciatica leg imbalance so Carlton prescribes exercises to promote equal leg strength. Great people. Great location, private from onlookers. Love the music.

  • 10/10 would recommend. This gym is so welcoming and inclusive that I will truly miss going everyday. Everyday I go in and I get the best workout I can because of the coaches and their willingness to help me become a better self. I started out not being able to complete workouts because I was so out of shape but they did not give up on me. Everyday I have been challenged physically and mentally and it is amazing how much the coaches care for you. This gym is like a family everyone cares. Carlton, aaron, and stef are the best coaches out there! They have transformed me into a better athlete and person.

Rig Dog CrossFit
4.6(26 reviews)

77096 Houston+1 281-915-4100

Why CrossFit Willowbend?
  • Welcoming and accommodating

  • Motivating and encouraging coaches

  • See improvements in stamina and strength

  • Professionally run with caring staff

  • Supportive and diverse community

CrossFit Willowbend
4.5(74 reviews)

77003 Houston+1 832-205-8086

Why CrossFit EaDo?
  • Quick and efficient communication for drop-in process

  • Friendly and welcoming staff

  • Attentive and accommodating

  • Great coaching

  • Variety of workout styles available

  • Well-insulated gym

CrossFit EaDo
4.4(16 reviews)

7705 Houston+1 832-314-6877

Why P3 CrossFit?
  • Professional place

  • Welcoming community

  • Excellent quality coaching

  • Clean and organized gym

  • Knowledgeable staff

P3 CrossFit
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