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30 Best CrossFit Boxes in Chicago, United States

We found 30 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Chicago, United States.

5(167 reviews)

60612 Chicago+1 773-322-1218

Why Chi-Town CrossFit?
  • Awesome CrossFit gym with great coaches and members.

  • Clean and spacious with plenty of room to spread out.

  • Bluprint is my happy place!

  • I feel strong in the gym and outside of the gym.

  • The coaches and members are hands-down some of my favorite people.

  • When prioritizing and balancing life gets difficult my child and husband have been welcomed into this gym community allowing me to not have to choose between working out and family time.

  • This is the most welcoming community you will ever find in a box.

  • Byron and Janelle are amazing owners and coaches.

  • MaryRuth is thorough with her intent in making sure you’re doing what you're capable of.

  • Bluprint has a new spacious location in West Town.

  • Excellent programming and a fantastic, welcoming community.

  • Bluprint does a fantastic job of scaling the difficulty of workouts for a variety of fitness levels.

  • There’s a great community built among those who attend regularly and they were super welcoming to me when I started!

Chi-Town CrossFit
5(134 reviews)

60613 Chicago+1 773-536-9223

Why Windy City CrossFit?
  • Coaching and programming are top notch

  • Community is welcoming and supportive

  • Proper warmup and stretching routines before workouts

  • Wide range of abilities, ages, and goals in the community

  • Responsive and welcoming staff

Windy City CrossFit
5(132 reviews)

60610 Chicago+1 312-884-9722

Why Noble Griffins CrossFit?
  • Super knowledgeable and encouraging coaches

  • Welcoming tight-knit community

  • Amazing facility

  • Gerardo is a very engaged owner/coach

  • Plenty of classes available

5(120 reviews)

60640 Chicago+1 773-234-4226

Why Feast CrossFit?
  • Impressive coaching, layout, programming and community feel

  • Clean and organized gym

  • Welcoming and supportive community

  • Top-notch instructors who work with all skill levels

  • Nicest gym in the area with good facilities

Feast CrossFit
5(111 reviews)

60803 Alsip+1 708-620-7624

Why CrossFit Warehouse?
  • Incredible experience at CrossFit Warehouse

  • Intense and energetic classes

  • Positive and motivating environment

  • Skilled coaches for teaching different movements

  • Friendly and welcoming community

CrossFit Warehouse
5(71 reviews)

60640 Chicago+1 303-641-7953

Why Movement Republic CrossFit?
  • Highly knowledgeable trainers

  • Focus on mobility and strength

  • Excellent facility

  • Great community

  • Welcoming atmosphere

Movement Republic CrossFit
5(47 reviews)

60631 Chicago+1 708-627-4646

Why CrossFit Park Ridge?
  • Welcoming community

  • Programming for all fitness levels

  • Supportive coaches

  • Variety of workout formats

  • Clean and spacious facility

CrossFit Park Ridge
5(47 reviews)

60647 Chicago+1 224-444-9020

Why CrossFit Severance?
  • Awesome gym paired with incredible staff

  • Equipment is first rate, totally clean and updated

  • Very intelligent coaches and management that care about your health and progress

  • Covid precautionary high hygiene standards

  • Classes push you physically and mentally and are very rewarding

CrossFit Severance
5(42 reviews)

60647 Chicago+1 312-664-0130

Why CrossFit Logan?
  • Facility is super clean.

  • Amazing equipment.

  • Memberships include 24/7 access.

  • Programming is excellent.

  • Knowledgeable and supportive coaches.

  • Welcoming and tight-knit community.

  • Engaged owners.

  • Plenty of classes available.

  • Gym hosts social events.

  • Fantastic sense of community.

  • Promotes a healthy culture.

CrossFit Logan
5(41 reviews)

60657 Chicago+1 773-389-1380

Why Archetype CrossFit?
  • Wonderful coaches

  • Supportive environment

  • Fun atmosphere

  • Cater to all levels

  • Programmable workouts

5(33 reviews)

60068 Park Ridge+1 847-850-7360

Why Moonshot CrossFit?
  • Equipment is top of the line

  • Coaching staff is knowledgeable and caring

  • Welcoming and inclusive community

  • Programs for all levels of fitness

  • Clean facility with new equipment

Moonshot CrossFit
5(17 reviews)

60513 Brookfield+1 773-851-2328

Why CrossFit Posted?
  • Great coaches

  • Amazing community

  • Welcoming atmosphere

  • Clean and well-equipped facility

  • Motivating and encouraging members

CrossFit Posted
4.9(127 reviews)

60654 Chicago+1 312-643-0406

Why River North CrossFit?
  • Challenging programming

  • Great community

  • High fitness level

  • Quality training

  • Relaxed atmosphere

  • Great athletes

  • Great facility

  • Easy drop-in process

  • Welcoming staff

  • Convenient location

  • Clear workout explanation

  • Good warm-up

  • Locker room with showers and towels

  • Easy online sign-up

  • Cool logo on t-shirts

River North CrossFit
4.9(89 reviews)

60622 Chicago+1 312-313-8672

Why CrossFit CE?
  • Plenty of room

  • Great equipment

  • Friendly people

  • Helpful coaches

  • Barbell club with lifting plan

CrossFit CE
4.9(84 reviews)

60712 Lincolnwood+1 224-218-5172

Why CrossFit Factorial?
  • Supportive and attentive coaches

  • Top notch and impeccably maintained equipment

  • Incredible community

  • Deeply knowledgeable, supportive, and fun coaches and members

  • Clean facilities and spacious gym hours

CrossFit Factorial
4.9(72 reviews)

60611 Chicago+1 312-955-0188

Why MagMile CrossFit?
  • Friendly and competitive gym

  • New and nice equipment

  • Lots of class times

  • Community building events

  • Clean and well ventilated facility

MagMile CrossFit
4.9(60 reviews)

60640 Chicago+1 773-275-7777

Why Hardware CrossFit?
  • Inclusive environment with wonderful people of all backgrounds

  • Supportive and caring space

  • Knowledgeable and kind coaches

  • Workouts have scales for all abilities

  • Community is incredible

Hardware CrossFit
4.9(58 reviews)

60616 Chicago+1 312-471-0690

Why Clark Street CrossFit?
  • Community and supportive atmosphere

  • Experienced and caring coaches

  • Opportunities for scaling movements

  • Clean facilities with showers

  • Excellent programming

Clark Street CrossFit
4.9(56 reviews)

60641 Chicago+1 773-900-4172

Why CrossFit Chisel?
  • Good intro to CrossFit

  • Great and attentive instructors

  • Moderate approach to training

  • Friendly and welcoming community

  • Effective instruction mid-workout

CrossFit Chisel
4.9(48 reviews)

60630 Chicago+1 773-908-7654

Why Dog House CrossFit?
  • Awesome people, coaches, and culture.

  • Different workouts every day.

  • Challenges you in all aspects of your fitness journey.

  • Fantastic and well-versed coaches.

  • Offers nutrition courses and clinics for specific movements to help you improve.

  • Personalized workouts for personal training clients.

  • Clean and spacious facility.

  • Energetic and supportive coaches for kids classes.

  • Opportunity to meet cool people along the way.

  • Life-changing workout programs.

Dog House CrossFit
4.8(88 reviews)

60605 Chicago+1 312-857-5230

Why South Loop CrossFit?
  • Spacious and well-organized facility

  • Friendly and welcoming staff/members

  • Knowledgeable coaching staff

  • High quality equipment

  • Efficient and challenging classes

4.8(74 reviews)

60130 Forest Park+1 708-303-8855

Why Bulldog CrossFit?
  • Excellent group class workouts

  • Friendly coaches and positive atmosphere

  • Reasonable prices and different plans for everyone

  • Fun and motivational classes

  • Coaches provide recommendations and correct bad form

Bulldog CrossFit
4.8(45 reviews)

60615 Chicago+1 773-373-6348

Why Bronzeville CrossFit?
  • Great gym & awesome environment!

  • Helpful, considerate instructors.

  • Great vibes for the music.

  • Great clean facility.

  • Very diverse.

4.8(44 reviews)

60131 Franklin Park+1 708-925-7907

Why O'Hare CrossFit?
  • Great improvement in atmosphere

  • Welcoming staff

  • Willing to answer all questions

  • Convenient and flexible for bringing kids

  • Expertly trained staff

  • Customized workout routine

  • Constant encouragement and inspiration

  • Great sound system and music

  • One-on-one attention and friendly environment

  • Provides a great workout in a short period of time

  • Trainers care about attendees' improvement

4.8(39 reviews)

60655 Chicago+1 773-239-3388

Why CrossFit Beverly?
  • Great workout

  • Clean gym

  • Friendly staff

  • Sense of community

  • Tailored workouts

CrossFit Beverly
4.7(121 reviews)

60614 Chicago+1 312-436-2085

Why Goose Island CrossFit?
  • Great clean box with a welcoming community of members and coaches

  • Amazing backyard for enjoying after a workout

  • Coaches are great at helping newcomers scale the movements

  • Community is welcoming and fun to be a part of

  • Numerous events and competitions to bring the community together

Goose Island CrossFit
4.7(29 reviews)

60525 La Grange+1 312-666-7317

Why Absolution CrossFit?
  • Coach Hector truly cares about his clients and helping them achieve their fitness goals.

  • Absolution CrossFit is an OG CrossFit gym and this is due in part to Hector, the owner, and the culture he promotes at the gym!

  • Hector is kind and knowledgeable. He fosters an inclusive community for those of all fitness levels.

  • ACF is more than just a place to workout. Hector and team have created a community of people that care about each other and welcome new folks to join us in the journey of health and wellness.

  • I find the programming to be challenging yet scalable (for those days when you just aren't "feeling it").

Absolution CrossFit
4.6(48 reviews)

60614 Chicago+1 773-766-5100

Why Lincoln Park CrossFit?
  • Best CrossFit place in Chicago

  • Surrounded by an amazing community of supportive members

  • Coaches focus on correct form and technique

  • Fresh and challenging programming

  • Inclusive and welcoming environment

Lincoln Park CrossFit
4.6(19 reviews)

60622 Chicago+1 312-285-3172

Why Division St. CrossFit?
  • Passionate owner

  • Helpful instructors

  • Welcoming community

  • Extensive fitness knowledge

  • Consistently posted workouts

Division St. CrossFit
4.5(152 reviews)

60610 Chicago+1 773-697-8849

Why Atlas CrossFit?
  • Great facility

  • Friendly staff and members

  • Effective and challenging workouts

  • Motivational atmosphere

  • Helpful and encouraging coaches

Atlas CrossFit
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