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9 Best CrossFit Boxes in Chapel Hill, United States

We found 9 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Chapel Hill, United States.

5(55 reviews)

27712 Durham+1 919-873-3575

Why North Durham CrossFit?
  • Very well equipped facility

  • Expertly led class by Coach Adam

  • Owners, trainers, and staff are excellent

  • Coaches and members are fantastic

  • Super supportive environment

5(33 reviews)

27523 Apex+1 919-302-0107

Why CrossFit Surmount?
  • Attentive coaches

  • Welcoming atmosphere

  • Great rotation of workouts

  • Knowledgeable coaches

  • Great facility

CrossFit Surmount
5(32 reviews)

27510 Carrboro+1 919-504-5499

Why CrossFit HTS Carrboro?
  • Extraordinary caliber of coaches

  • Inclusive spirit and welcoming atmosphere

  • Engaging workouts and supportive community

  • Authentic care and commitment from the owner

  • Building a strong community

4.9(117 reviews)

27713 Durham+1 919-885-4787

Why CrossFit RTP?
  • Great group and solid programming

  • Coaches are kind and instructive

  • Welcoming community

  • Good communication and energy from coaches

  • Spacious gym with tons of equipment

CrossFit RTP
4.9(68 reviews)

27514 Chapel Hill+1 919-391-7710

Why CrossFit Chapel Hill?
  • Great sense of community

  • Good mix of athletes

  • Coaches adjust workouts to your fitness level

  • Motivating group classes

  • Supportive community

  • Range of options to accommodate different athlete skills

  • Open to feedback

  • Cares about personal improvement

  • Knowledgeable and welcoming leadership

  • Helps achieve fitness goals

CrossFit Chapel Hill
4.9(57 reviews)

27516 Chapel Hill+41 26 401 00 64

Why CrossFit Local?
  • Professional guidance and tailored individual exercises

  • Great atmosphere and friendly athletes

  • Excellent coaches

  • Great facilities

  • Amiable and motivating staff

CrossFit Local
4.9(42 reviews)

27517 Chapel Hill+1 919-705-0645

Why CrossFit 15-501?
  • State-of-the-art facilities

  • Clean and well-maintained gym

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff

  • Wide range of equipment and training areas

  • Great sauna experience

  • Variety of fitness classes and personal training sessions

  • Experienced trainers

4.7(42 reviews)

27707 Durham+1 919-695-9443

Why CrossFit Sua Sponte West?
  • Insanely welcoming and a great variety of workouts

  • Coaches are super knowledgeable and listen to your goals

  • Amazing fitness community

  • Expert instruction and motivating atmosphere

  • Extremely welcoming and helpful coaches and members

4.6(62 reviews)

27701 Durham+1 919-907-1233

Why CrossFit Durham?
  • Inclusive and friendly gym

  • Coaches pay attention to form and correct you during workouts

  • Welcoming attitude from the gym and coaches

  • Excellent personal training and group classes

  • Highly recommended

CrossFit Durham
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