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23 Best CrossFit Boxes in Atlanta, United States

We found 23 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Atlanta, United States.

5(201 reviews)

30318 Atlanta+1 404-355-4500

Why CrossFit Atlanta?
  • Great coaching

  • Friendly and welcoming community

  • Excellent facility

  • Responsive staff

  • Clean gym

CrossFit Atlanta
5(132 reviews)

30339 Atlanta+1 404-316-9787

Why CrossFit Resurgens at Powers Ferry?
  • Great coaches who provide correction, adjustment, advise, and encouragement

  • Amazingly welcoming and supportive community

  • Challenging workouts that yield physical results

  • Flexible programming for all skill levels

  • Attentive coaches and clean gym environment

5(114 reviews)

30306 Atlanta+1 678-929-2103

Why CrossFit Identity?
  • Best gym I've ever been to

  • Excellent equipment

  • Great coaches

  • Supportive community

  • Top notch coaching

CrossFit Identity
5(98 reviews)

30319 Atlanta+1 678-726-8824

Why CrossFit Brookhaven?
  • Amazing community

  • Great coaches and workouts

  • Warm and supportive environment

  • Top-notch ownership, management, and coaches

  • Phenomenal coaches, facility, and workouts

5(68 reviews)

30341 Chamblee+1 404-882-6912

Why CrossFit Chamblee?
  • Family friendly

  • Engaging instructors

  • Diverse community of people

  • Attentive coaches

  • Supportive environment

CrossFit Chamblee
5(66 reviews)

30318 Atlanta+1 256-733-1494

Why Venture CrossFit?
  • Impressive gym space

  • Well-maintained equipment

  • Clean and welcoming atmosphere

  • Great workout and experience

  • Caring owner and coaches

Venture CrossFit
5(65 reviews)

30341 Chamblee+1 404-620-1795

Why CrossFit Vengeance?
  • Coaching staff are knowledgeable, flexible, dynamic, and good people

  • Encourages an atmosphere of community and personal goal setting

  • Consistently consider needs for new equipment, enjoyable and challenging programming, and diversity of coaches

  • Trainers are amazing at what they do

  • Supportive community that pushes you and guarantees you have fun

5(64 reviews)

30126 Mableton+1 678-658-0441

Why CrossFit EFP The Combine?
  • Inviting atmosphere

  • Knowledgeable and helpful coaches

  • Great gym and friendly community

  • Cares about form and keeping you healthy

  • Diverse workout combinations

CrossFit EFP The Combine
5(62 reviews)

30021 Clarkston+1 678-737-8689

Why CrossFit Liminal?
  • Beginners are welcomed and supported

  • Helpful and caring coaches

  • Encouragement from other members

  • Motivating morning classes

  • Good, safe workouts

5(61 reviews)

30307 Atlanta+1 404-387-8729

Why CrossFit Rx?
  • Amazing gym for all levels

  • Supportive coaches and community

  • Options for all abilities in gym programming

  • Great location and workout

  • Encouragement for parents with kids

CrossFit Rx
5(59 reviews)

30324 Atlanta+1 404-841-0904

Why CrossFit 404?
  • Great coaching

  • Friendly community

  • Exceptional facility

  • Diverse and challenging routines

  • Welcoming environment

CrossFit 404
5(48 reviews)

30324 Atlanta+1 404-936-0414

Why CrossFit Buckhead?
  • Coaches create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere

  • Caters to the needs of all athletes regardless of experience level

  • Friendly coaches pay attention to movements and guide well

  • Members encourage and celebrate your wins

  • Motivating gym environment

CrossFit Buckhead
5(40 reviews)

30324 Atlanta+1 203-206-8492

Why R'House CrossFit?
  • Knowledgeable and welcoming coaches

  • Supportive and inclusive community

  • Top-notch facility with plenty of space and equipment

  • Personalized plans to help achieve fitness goals

  • Challenging and fun workouts

5(36 reviews)

30309 Atlanta+1 678-616-9610

Why CrossFit Graphene?
  • Clean and carefully planned gym

  • Knowledgeable and encouraging personal trainer

  • Excellent coaches who want to see you succeed

  • Balanced and challenging workouts

  • Beautiful facility with top-notch equipment

CrossFit Graphene
5(9 reviews)

30306 Atlanta+1 678-273-3939

Why CrossFit Octopus?
  • Very welcoming and technique is taught here!

  • Great place and staff.

  • Real fun and knowledgeable staff!

5(8 reviews)

30030 Decatur

Why CrossFit East Decatur?
  • Clean and well-organized gym

  • Plenty of space and equipment

  • Welcoming and friendly owner, coach, and members

  • Great results and positive atmosphere

  • Nice facility and people

CrossFit East Decatur
4.9(129 reviews)

30307 Atlanta+1 404-702-0548

Why BeltLine CrossFit?
  • Knowledgeable and friendly coaching staff

  • Supportive and helpful coaches and staff

  • Ample equipment for a great workout

  • Kind and supportive members

  • Hosted the USA's only Trans And Nonbinary Powerlifting Meet

BeltLine CrossFit
4.9(83 reviews)

30126 Mableton+1 770-265-6930

Why CrossFit West Cobb?
  • Amazing energy and personality

  • Diverse membership

  • Knowledgeable and cool coaches

  • Adjust workouts to skill level

  • Welcoming fitness experience

CrossFit West Cobb
4.9(73 reviews)

30316 Atlanta+1 470-450-3264

Why CrossFit Terminus?
  • Great coach who corrects form issues

  • Well equipped gym

  • Lots of class times available

  • Friendly community

  • Thorough instruction for all movements

CrossFit Terminus
4.9(44 reviews)

30080 Smyrna+1 404-850-0199

Why CrossFit South Cobb?
  • Great experience

  • Friendly and fun community

  • Clean and organized facility

  • Thorough coaching and programming

  • Lots of space and activities

CrossFit South Cobb
4.9(22 reviews)

30341-1913 Atlanta+1 404-556-5885

Why CrossFit Paragon?
  • Coaches personalize workouts to your ability

  • Community is extremely encouraging

  • Great programming

  • Nice and welcoming people

  • See results and motivation

CrossFit Paragon
4.8(55 reviews)

30060 Marietta+1 678-569-3238

Why CrossFit Armis?
  • Three weight rooms and a huge CrossFit area are upstairs

  • Treadmills, ellipticals, seated bikes, and stair climbers are downstairs

  • Everyone puts everything back where it was so the place never looks trashed

  • Good equipment

CrossFit Armis
4.8(31 reviews)

30084 Tucker

Why CrossFit Tucker?
  • Friendly and clean environment

  • Supportive coaches

  • Great workout with friendly people

  • Easy transition from Bootcamp to regular CrossFit

  • Location on Main Street in Tucker

CrossFit Tucker
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