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5 Best CrossFit Boxes in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong SAR China

We found 5 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong SAR China.

5(38 reviews)

Sai Wan+852 6413 9938

Why CrossFit Cavaliers?
  • Super friendly and welcoming community

  • Great coaches who push and encourage

  • Professional and friendly community

  • Daily life improvement and family-like environment

  • Knowledgeable coaches who improve technique and pacing

  • Light-hearted and fun atmosphere

CrossFit Cavaliers
4.9(109 reviews)

00000 Kennedy Town+852 3568 7719

Why CrossFit Asphodel?
  • Exercising with a supportive team and coaches

  • Coaches teaching proper techniques and ensuring safety

  • Encouragement and motivation from coaches

  • Comfortable environment with great equipment

  • Outstanding facilities and high-quality equipment

CrossFit Asphodel
4.9(39 reviews)

0000 Sai Wan+852 5137 9470

Why CrossFit Typhoon?
  • Very good crossfit gym

  • Fun boot camp classes

  • Well structured and always a tough workout

  • Great coaching

  • Friendly to beginners

  • Patient and knowledgeable trainers

  • Scalable routines to ability and fitness level

  • Wide variety of classes and times

  • Nice people having fun

CrossFit Typhoon
4.8(20 reviews)

Quarry Bay+852 3708 8190

Why CrossFit Quarry Bay?
  • Coach Alan was polite and had great English

  • Showers available

  • Friendly and knowledgeable coaches

  • Supportive community

  • Fun workouts

CrossFit Quarry Bay
4.4(34 reviews)

00000 Hong Kong+852 2658 6218

Why Lion Rock CrossFit?
  • The team is amazing

  • The space is all new and welcoming

  • The workouts are well planned and explained

  • Good equipment

  • Friendly staff

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