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6 Best CrossFit Boxes in Reus, Spain

We found 6 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Reus, Spain.

5(21 reviews)

43006 Tarragona+34 622 56 35 06

Why Project Raidho CrossFit?
  • Magnificent installation

  • Perfect advice to choose the level

  • Great professionals who make you feel at home

  • Initiation course for beginners

  • Top trainers

4.9(133 reviews)

43006 Tarragona+34 644 19 40 97

Why Zois CrossFit?
  • Awesome Crossfit gym with large facilities, good schedules (Open till 22h00) and plenty of parking space

  • The best box ever 🤩

  • Large box where the reception is top!

  • The considerate and kind coach translated all the explanations of the wods into English for me despite my rough understanding 😆

  • Best Crossfit in Tarragona. Unbeatable people personally and professionally. Come and enter the world of health, sports and good vibes!

4.9(75 reviews)

43206 Reus+34 636 95 89 65

Why CrossFit Lambda?
  • Professionals Dedicated to their Work, Helping People to Get in Shape and Explore their Limits. Thank you.

  • Crossfit Box, the first in Reus, gigantic facilities, 5 coaches, each one better, a community of incredible people, Weightlifting Club, various types of classes, what more? It's the temple

  • Great attention and supervision regarding all the exercises and all the disciplines taught in the box.

  • Experienced professionals involved with their students, they adapt perfectly to the level of each individual, and seek their own progressive improvement.

  • They make you part of a big family!

CrossFit Lambda
4.9(65 reviews)

43006 Tarragona+34 635 62 54 81

Why CrossFit Tarragona?
  • Amazing CrossFit Box with good vibes and great staff.

  • Very happy with everything, facilities, training, etc., especially the technical staff.

  • The ambient is very good.

  • Facilities with a lot of ventilation and enough material for all the athletes.

  • Trainers prepared and attentive at all times for good technique and general practice of crossfit.

4.8(83 reviews)

43205 Reus+34 636 90 13 15

Why CrossFit Scipion?
  • Top-notch coaches and attention

  • Great atmosphere and positive vibes

  • Adapts training for all ages and physical conditions

  • Super professionals and attentive trainers

CrossFit Scipion
4.7(64 reviews)

43815 Vila Seca+34 677 82 30 36

Why Costa Daurada CrossFit?
  • Best box in Costa daurada

  • BEST box tgn

  • Very good atmosphere with the people and coaches

  • Teaches exercises well

  • Highly recommended

  • Attentive coaches help you overcome challenges

  • Motivates you and adapts to your level

  • Well-equipped with Rogue material

  • Great athletes who give everything to help you achieve goals

  • Personal level improvements achieved in just 4 months

  • Grateful to CDC

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