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19 Best CrossFit Boxes in Osasco, Brazil

We found 19 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Osasco, Brazil.

5(40 reviews)

05083-120 Sao Paulo+55 11 94390-7851

Why CrossFit Rutilo?
  • Great staff

  • Excellent coaches

  • Clean and airy environment

  • Complies with health recommendations

  • Competent teachers

  • Excellent environment

  • Spacious and beautiful

  • Respectful of students' limitations

  • Top of the line equipment

  • Everything brand new

  • Top team

  • Nice infrastructure

  • Well equipped

  • Great professionals

CrossFit Rutilo
4.9(193 reviews)

02066-130 Sao Paulo+55 11 98254-0787

Why CrossFit Saurus?
  • Robust structure

  • Variety of equipment

  • Excellent professionals

  • Variety of schedules and classes

  • Spacious box

CrossFit Saurus
4.9(111 reviews)

04016-033 São Paulo+55 11 98098-3010

Why Hangar 193 CrossFit?
  • Beautiful place and great coaches

  • Top!

  • Excellent box in the Vila Mariana region. Great structure, well located, great service and excellent teachers

  • Amazing box! Super competent coaches and training always in a friendly atmosphere. In addition, students still have special conditions for extra LPO classes and gymnastic movements with specialists. Oh, and you can take a trial class for free to find out.

Hangar 193 CrossFit
4.9(36 reviews)

05717-240 São Paulo+55 11 97700-0085

Why CrossFit Ironhead?
  • Good energy

  • Family atmosphere

  • Attentive professionals

  • Structured box

  • Great teachers

CrossFit Ironhead
4.8(172 reviews)

01403-010 São Paulo+55 11 99783-6688

Why KAZA CrossFit?
  • Beautiful space

  • Amazing trainers

  • Hard wods

  • Brilliant staff

  • Modern with loads of equipment

KAZA CrossFit
4.8(81 reviews)

04108-130 São Paulo+55 11 94233-0687

Why CrossFit Ximbó?
  • Great place to train.

  • Super friendly staff

  • Beautiful, spacious, and airy facility

  • Premium service

  • Attentive and competent teacher

CrossFit Ximbó
4.8(74 reviews)

05339-005 Butantã+55 11 96909-5871

Why CrossFit Butantã?
  • Great structure

  • Sensational team and training

  • Instructors guide and adapt training routines

  • Pleasant environment

  • Qualified professionals

CrossFit Butantã
4.7(260 reviews)

05502-001 Sao Paulo+55 11 3759-7878

Why CrossFit Cidade Jardim?
  • The best and most well-equipped gym in the whole city!

  • I love this gym specially the smell

  • Top...😉

  • Good place to workout.

  • Top.

4.7(163 reviews)

05421-000 Pinheiros+55 11 97608-0848

Why CrossFit 79?
  • Outstanding, welcoming, and challenging

  • Excellent and friendly coaching

  • Great location and new equipment

  • Nice coaches, good equipment, and location

  • Best CrossFit box of the region

CrossFit 79
4.7(116 reviews)

05042-000 Lapa+55 11 95851-1117

Why CrossFit Brasil?
  • Excellent Box, coaches and students!!

  • The classes are always receiving new students, so there are people of different levels

  • The instructors, the "Coaches", are extremely technical and very didactic

  • Plenty of equipment, not missing even when classes are full

  • Large space with good locker rooms

CrossFit Brasil
4.7(101 reviews)

06033-225 Osasco+55 11 96909-5872

Why CrossFit Osasco?
  • Top

  • Nice group

  • Extremely professional trainers

  • Enjoyable workouts

  • Trained staff

4.7(96 reviews)

04143-030 São Paulo+55 11 99358-0631

Why CrossFit City Wolves?
  • Excellent professionals who value the quality of life and health of students

  • Great space

  • Warm and familiar atmosphere

  • Great professionals and training

  • Receptive instructors

CrossFit City Wolves
4.7(87 reviews)

01222010 São Paulo+55 11 96336-6412

Why CrossFit Higienopolis?
  • Great front of the building with amazing art

  • Super friendly staff

  • Well-equipped facility inside

  • Great coaches

  • Well-located and tidy box

CrossFit Higienopolis
4.7(83 reviews)

043131210 São paulo+55 11 5017-7283

Why CrossFit Conceição?
  • Best box ever.

  • The box is large and well equipped.

  • The coaches are super attentive and polite.

  • They can adapt the training for each student, if necessary.

  • They respect the process of each one, in addition to motivating us daily.

  • Leandro and the other coaches who made my husband and I leave our sedentary lifestyle and fall in love with CrossFit.

  • The students are also super nice and help each other.

  • Excellent space and classes, the box I chose to train when I come to São Paulo.

  • This Box has my heart, I was a student for 2 years and unfortunately I moved to another city.

  • But Leandro is a unique professional, the box is beautiful and the coaches are super attentive and qualified!

4.7(71 reviews)

05711001 Sao Paulo+55 11 3368-2787

Why Morumbi CrossFit?
  • Members were amazing and welcoming

  • Coaches did their best to translate

  • Sense of community

  • Clean gym

  • Experienced coaches attentive to different skill levels

Morumbi CrossFit
4.7(38 reviews)

04204002 São Paulo+55 11 98329-6279

Why CrossFit Ipiranga?
  • The best crossfit ever!

  • Best box in Ipiranga without a doubt! Super attentive coaches, very good equipment and everything focused on your individual development process!

  • Great place to train, besides the space being wonderful, the owners are extremely attentive. Family atmosphere!

  • Very family-oriented!

  • Highly recommended

4.7(35 reviews)

04551-000 Sao Paulo+55 11 99229-6469

Why CrossFit Vila Olimpia?
  • Great structure

  • Very attentive coaches

  • Respects the level of each student

  • Highly competent and didactic Head Coach

  • One of the pioneers of Crossfit in Brazil

4.6(69 reviews)

04547-001 São Paulo+55 11 93353-0511

Why Unit 55 CrossFit?
  • The best crowd. It feels like home 😊

  • Great place, very well build and friendly people

  • The best Crossfit in town!

  • Very good place! First class service from coaches and well equipped

  • The beautiful Mai's box from SP. Very pleasant environment, pet friendly and the training is very well designed!

Unit 55 CrossFit
4.4(64 reviews)

04617002 São Paulo+55 11 5531-4813

Why CrossFit Campo Belo?
  • Warm and welcoming community

  • Well-equipped venue

  • Varied and intense programming

  • Knowledgeable and caring instructors

  • Clean and organized environment

CrossFit Campo Belo
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