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7 Best CrossFit Boxes in Curitiba, Brazil

We found 7 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Curitiba, Brazil.

4.9(148 reviews)

80.730-030 Curitiba+55 41 98879-2416

Why CrossFit Barigui?
  • Instructors with a lot of knowledge and concern for the technique and development of each student

  • Excellent structure

  • Great coaches

  • Wonderful training

  • Best box in Curitiba

CrossFit Barigui
4.9(91 reviews)

80510-192 São Francisco Curitiba+55 41 3092-6332

Why Ärmel CrossFit?
  • Spectacular space

  • Incredible team

  • Great coach structure

  • Excellent reception

  • Qualified professionals

Ärmel CrossFit
4.8(199 reviews)

80610-290 Curitiba+55 41 3086-0100

Why Arbo CrossFit?
  • Variety of materials

  • Good location

  • Friendly reception

  • Attentive teachers

  • Excellent condition of materials

Arbo CrossFit
4.8(195 reviews)

80220 050 Curitiba+55 41 99208-4321

Why CrossFit Hard Break?
  • Box very well equipped and excellent location in the center of Curitiba

  • Team of highly qualified coaches

  • Quality service and great value for money

  • Options for crossfit classes, functional training (bootcamp), pilates and others

  • Very welcoming community of students

CrossFit Hard Break
4.8(107 reviews)

82510-050 Curitiba+55 41 3014-6283

Why Guepardo CrossFit?
  • The structure of the place is excellent

  • Quality equipment

  • Attentive coaches

  • Spacious and welcoming environment

  • Affiliated with CrossFit in the USA

Guepardo CrossFit
4.8(37 reviews)

80740-000 Curitiba+55 41 3022-7118

Why Feroz CrossFit?
  • Best place for crossfit workouts!! Super attentive service and teachers!

  • Extremely professional coach, encourages students. It has an excellent physiotherapist on the team who uses the Dry Needle technique, among others!

  • Great structure and awesome team. Looking forward to starting training! 👊🏻

  • Amazing CrossFit Gym! A very pleasant environment and very well prepared coach.

  • Ah second home... training, friends, coffee!!! And certainly the best professionals!

Feroz CrossFit
4.7(170 reviews)

82.305-100 Curitiba

Why CrossFit High Pulse?
  • The best "box" in Curitiba

  • Top

  • Fantastic

  • Legal

CrossFit High Pulse
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