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10 Best CrossFit Boxes in Brasília, Brazil

We found 10 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Brasília, Brazil.

5(163 reviews)

70200680 Brasília+55 61 99956-7770

Why Mundo CrossFit?
  • Best box in Brasilia

  • Teachers have perfect balance between demand and training quality

  • Learning is gradual and respects the reality of each student

  • Super welcoming environment

  • Impeccable structure

  • Attentive and competent teachers

  • Very pleasant environment

  • Excellent service and technical quality of the teachers

  • Feel welcome and confident during training

  • Great location with ample parking

Mundo CrossFit
5(21 reviews)

71.680-349 Brasília+55 61 99366-4346

Why Centaurus CrossFit Jardim Botânico?
  • Best Crossfit in the DF

  • Excellent team

  • Top organization

  • Proud to be part of it

  • Excellent professional teacher

Centaurus CrossFit Jardim Botânico
4.9(214 reviews)

70760-764 Brasilia+55 61 98116-5461

Why CrossFit Waya?
  • I love the Crossfit Way. Recommend for young people, adults and seniors of all ages.

  • I entered menopause and cured my symptoms at Crossfit.

  • Great environment with excellent professionals.

  • I found the training sessions very complete and the environment wonderful.

  • I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys crossfit a lot.

CrossFit Waya
4.9(113 reviews)

71215680 Brasilia+55 61 3246-2579

Why CrossFit Park Extreme?
  • Excellent space

  • Great teachers

  • United crowd

  • Clean and equipped bathrooms

  • Well thought out and elaborate workouts

CrossFit Park Extreme
4.9(90 reviews)

70876-540 Brasília+55 61 98444-3337

Why KOR CrossFit?
  • First official Crossfit gym in the Midwest

  • Passionate and experienced trainers

  • Courses for all levels

  • Well organized gym

  • Quality equipment

KOR CrossFit
4.8(193 reviews)

70790-100 Brasilia+55 61 99601-3334

Why Tai CrossFit?
  • Felipe, the trainer, is competent and patient

  • The staff is friendly

  • The gym has a family atmosphere

  • The training schedule is organized

  • There is ample parking

Tai CrossFit
4.8(58 reviews)

71919360 Brasília+55 61 99859-4444

Why Grifo CrossFit?
  • Experienced coaches

  • Nice and nice place

  • Qualified and attentive professionals

  • Best structure and service

  • Great experience

Grifo CrossFit
4.7(331 reviews)

71735-509 Park Way-Águas Claras+55 61 99659-3201

Why Nacao CrossFit?
  • The best coaches

  • Continuous improvements

  • Good infrastructure

  • Unique atmosphere with animals

  • Motivating environment

4.7(78 reviews)

73000-000 Sobradinho+55 61 98383-0215

Why CrossFit Clã?
  • Teachers are very attentive to the needs and constraints of the students.

  • Large, airy and very quiet place, great for those who escape the crowded gyms.

  • Every day more overcoming! Excellent 👏

  • Best place for physical activity, crossfit and functional, excellent service.

  • The only one certified in Brasilia!

CrossFit Clã
4.5(110 reviews)

70843-010 Brasília+55 61 99221-0086

Why Carrasco CrossFit?
  • Great and professional teachers

  • Very attentive and careful

  • Welcoming and friendly environment

  • Visible daily evolution

  • Excellent work and enjoyable classes

Carrasco CrossFit
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