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4 Best CrossFit Boxes in North Geelong, Australia

We found 4 CrossFit gyms and boxes in North Geelong, Australia.

5(36 reviews)

3220 South Geelong+61 421 711 867

Why CrossFit Barwon?
  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

  • Experienced and knowledgeable coaches

  • Variety of fitness levels and abilities

  • Top-notch equipment

  • Strong community and cool vibe

CrossFit Barwon
4.9(63 reviews)

3216 Geelong+61 478 383 671

Why CrossFit Raven?
  • Small classes

  • Amazing coaches who take the time to notice and get to know you

  • Positive and supportive culture

  • Caters to all levels of ability

  • Emphasizes technique and skill

  • Super supportive environment

  • Caring coaches

  • WODs carefully created to help develop improvement

  • Coaches help you every single class

  • Incredibly welcoming and friendly

  • Helpful and knowledgeable coaches

  • Change in fitness level, strength, and technique

CrossFit Raven
4.8(31 reviews)

3220 Newtown+61 3 5222 5525

Why CrossFit Geelong?
  • Welcoming and friendly staff and members

  • Variety of classes for all fitness levels

  • Informative and encouraging coaches

  • Great place to join or start out for fitness journey

  • Opportunity to meet awesome people and keep healthy

CrossFit Geelong
4.7(26 reviews)

3215 North Geelong+61 401 879 688

Why Bring It On CrossFit?
  • Friendly, supportive, and encouraging community

  • Varied classes for all fitness levels

  • Amazing coaches who push you to surprise yourself

  • Welcoming atmosphere

  • Great CrossFit community

  • Capped class numbers for a personalized experience

  • Helpful and attentive coaches

  • Opportunities to meet new people

  • Great training program

  • Helpful for beginners and experienced individuals

  • Amazing gym community

Bring It On CrossFit
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