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We found 2 CrossFit gyms and boxes in barbar bh.

5(25 reviews)

6697 3973 Hamala+973 6697 3973

Why CrossFit Blacksmith?
  • Excellent gym

  • Coaching was outstanding

  • The environment was welcoming

  • Incredible community

  • The program is modified for athletes based on skill levels

  • Warm community

  • Classes are small and coaches are attentive

  • Challenge you and help you get stronger

  • Great place

  • Fantastic coaches

  • Perfect for all abilities

  • First lesson is free

  • Great atmosphere

  • Great support

  • Team is amazing

2.8(228 reviews)

Barbar+973 3675 5611

Why CrossFit Delmon?
  • Great price considering one class a day with certified coaches

  • Excellent, friendly & professional coaches

  • Consistently provide alternative movements/exercises for injuries

  • Familial atmosphere

  • Coaching staff is highly knowledgeable and experienced

  • Coaches push clients to achieve their fitness goals

  • Coach Hadi is an expert in weightlifting and pays attention to detail

  • Coach Majid brings out the beast in you and provides challenging workouts

  • Coaches give back to the community and create a supportive environment

  • Top-notch coaches provide expert guidance tailored to individual needs

  • Motivating atmosphere pushes you to your maximum potential

  • Emphasis on mental strength is truly empowering

  • Trainers go above and beyond to help athletes achieve fitness goals

  • Opportunities to learn and achieve new fitness milestones

CrossFit Delmon