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24 Best CrossFit Boxes in San Diego, United States

We found 24 CrossFit gyms and boxes in San Diego, United States.

5(227 reviews)

92110 San Diego+1 619-758-4924

Why CrossFit Humanity?
  • Great gym!

  • Awesome coaches and programming

  • Friendly and welcoming community

  • Supportive and attentive coaches

  • Fantastic atmosphere

CrossFit Humanity
5(156 reviews)

92111 San Diego+1 858-565-2582

Why CrossFit ATR?
  • Best Gym in all of California!

  • Coaches are awesome!

  • Classes are awesome!

  • Equipment is fantastic!

  • Adam is an amazing owner and by far cares about every client/customer that walks through the door.

  • Supportive community.

  • Great program.

  • Professional and motivating coaches.

  • Improvement in Olympic lifting technique.

  • Different levels for all stages of athleticism.

  • Positive supporters of fitness goals.

  • Extremely knowledgeable and promote safe movement.

  • Encouraging atmosphere.

  • Friendly and welcoming members.

CrossFit ATR
5(49 reviews)

92071 Santee+1 619-937-2887

Why CrossFit Dark Side?
  • Welcoming and supportive community

  • Knowledgeable and talented coaches

  • Great programming

  • Safe and supportive environment

  • Committed, compassionate, and supportive coaches and members

CrossFit Dark Side
5(45 reviews)

92111 San Diego+1 619-693-6784

Why CrossFit 1912?
  • Welcoming and supportive community

  • Genuine and helpful coaches

  • Clean, spacious, and professionally run

  • Promotes Adaptive Athlete inclusion

  • Long-standing OG members

5(42 reviews)

92118 Coronado+1 619-319-5992

Why CrossFit Coronado?
  • Well run CrossFit box

  • Excellent coaching

  • Members are welcoming

  • Great workout

  • Incredible hospitality

CrossFit Coronado
5(42 reviews)

91932 Imperial Beach+1 619-799-8088

Why Imperial Beach CrossFit?
  • Great teaching of correct technique

  • All levels of classes

  • Strong community and comradery

  • Challenging and addicting workouts

  • Welcoming and supportive environment

  • Coaches knowledgeable and helpful

Imperial Beach CrossFit
5(23 reviews)

92113 San Diego+1 619-795-2524

Why Fathom CrossFit?
  • Strong sense of community

  • Amazing programming

  • Quality coaches

  • Clean and well-equipped gym

  • Welcoming environment

Fathom CrossFit
4.9(132 reviews)

92101 San Diego+1 619-231-3000

Why CrossFit Invictus?
  • Friendly and helpful staff

  • Welcoming and inclusive community

  • Great facilities with clean showers and free towels

  • Expert coaching that customizes your program

  • Responsive and hospitable staff

CrossFit Invictus
4.9(91 reviews)

92101 San Diego+1 619-450-4671

Why Bear Republic CrossFit?
  • Phenomenal experience with coaches & members

  • Spectacular programming

  • Substantial gains in the past year

  • Friendly staff and members

  • Well-equipped gym

Bear Republic CrossFit
4.9(59 reviews)

92107 San Diego+1 619-304-9966

Why CrossFit Ocean Beach?
  • Super clean, bright, and cute gym

  • Excellent programming and coaching staff

  • Convenient class times

  • Detailed programming

  • Welcoming and friendly community

CrossFit Ocean Beach
4.9(54 reviews)

92121 San Diego+1 858-587-2569

Why CrossFit Del Mar?
  • Friendly, warm, and welcoming environment

  • Energy of each class

  • Coaches and owners prioritize safety and satisfaction

  • Friendly staff

  • Well-equipped facility

CrossFit Del Mar
4.9(54 reviews)

97470 San Diego+1 619-663-4873

Why CrossFit Miramar?
  • Best fitness experience and overall program for personal health

  • Structured sessions for a great social and fitness environment

  • Varied exercise formats for a full body workout

  • Dedicated coaches for personalized guidance

  • Well-equipped facility and focus on strength training

4.9(37 reviews)

91942 La Mesa

Why CrossFit Kivnon?
  • Great Crossfit gym!

  • Very welcoming and great coaching!

  • Lots of equipment.

  • Big proponents of Mayhem programming, which is awesome.

  • Great community, programming, and coaches! Best CF in La Mesa!

CrossFit Kivnon
4.9(34 reviews)

92110 San Diego+1 858-609-9631

Why Mighty CrossFit?
  • Welcoming and knowledgeable owner and staff

  • Focus on fundamentals and form

  • Great community and supportive atmosphere

  • Flexible scheduling options

  • Fun and enjoyable workouts

Mighty CrossFit
4.9(16 reviews)

91941 La Mesa+1 619-655-0896

Why CrossFit La Mesa?
  • Owners and coaches are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and dedicated

  • Friendly and supportive community

  • Convenient seven-day-a-week availability

  • Well-maintained facility

  • Great programming for all fitness levels

CrossFit La Mesa
4.8(154 reviews)

92110 San Diego+1 619-494-3088

Why CrossFit Fortius?
  • The staff were really friendly

  • The coaches were welcoming and supportive

  • The facility was top-notch

  • The community was friendly and supportive

  • The workouts vary from day to day

CrossFit Fortius
4.8(78 reviews)

92103 San Diego+1 619-949-1934

Why CrossFit Hillcrest?
  • Fantastic team of trainers

  • Expertise and dedication of trainers

  • Motivating and encouraging members

  • Incredibly responsive and helpful staff

  • Good mix of lifting and cardio workouts

  • Covid precautions and safety measures

  • Open and communicative gym owner

  • Nice gym and friendly people

  • Good equipment

CrossFit Hillcrest
4.8(65 reviews)

92113 San Diego+1 619-500-4979

Why Stay Classy CrossFit?
  • Flexible and great communication with the staff

  • Awesome and creative workout

  • Catered to all fitness levels

  • Well-educated coaching staff

  • Welcoming space for members old and new

Stay Classy CrossFit
4.8(51 reviews)

92109 San Diego+1 949-677-7752

Why Pacific Beach CrossFit PB?
  • Great community

  • Knowledgeable coaches

  • Epic location

  • Open gym times

  • Effective workouts

Pacific Beach CrossFit PB
4.8(22 reviews)

92020 El Cajon+1 619-448-0768

Why CrossFit East County?
  • Extremely knowledgeable and passionate coaches

  • Welcoming and inclusive community

  • Challenging but scalable workouts

  • Supportive and friendly atmosphere

  • Safety and proper techniques stressed

CrossFit East County
4.8(19 reviews)

92120 San Diego+1 619-795-7095

Why Outlier CrossFit?
  • State of the art machines for baseball and softball

  • Super friendly and accommodating staff

  • Helpful and knowledgeable coaches

  • Variety of workouts and overall programming

  • Huge space with a lot of equipment

Outlier CrossFit
4.7(43 reviews)

91914 Chula Vista+1 619-934-9934

Why CrossFit Chula Vista?
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff

  • Clean and well-maintained facilities

  • A wide variety of equipment

  • Challenging workouts

  • Convenient location

4.5(184 reviews)

92110 San Diego+1 619-223-5581

Why CrossFit Victory?
  • Great facilities

  • Excellent faculty

  • Variety of classes and areas

  • Wide range of programs and training options

  • Good weight room

CrossFit Victory
3.4(7 reviews)

92102 San Diego+1 858-292-1304

Why Empower Charter School CrossFit?
  • Great environment for my son

  • Teaches Social and Emotional skills

  • Encourages healthy eating

  • Offers CrossFit classes

  • Opportunity for field trips and parent participation

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