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24 Best CrossFit Boxes in Portland, United States

We found 24 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Portland, United States.

5(102 reviews)

97005 Beaverton+1 503-277-8338

Why CrossFit Reflexion?
  • Great coaches who prioritize correct form

  • Community atmosphere and supportive members

  • Impressive gym with diverse fitness equipment

  • Coach Shawn's dedication to helping his community

  • Welcoming and knowledgeable coaching team

CrossFit Reflexion
5(97 reviews)

97086 Portland+1 503-342-6490

Why CrossFit Immense?
  • Welcoming members and owner/coaches

  • Abundance of class options

  • Great scaling options for all ability levels

  • Friendly coaches and members

  • Clean set up with room for everyone

5(73 reviews)

97123 Hillsboro

Why CrossFit Reedville?
  • Truly a fantastic CrossFit gym!

  • Major gains in strength and cardio

  • Well run classes with a good mix of skill building and challenge

  • Friendly and competent coaches

  • Very welcoming community

  • Different levels and scaled workouts

  • Warm and welcoming community of all fitness levels

  • Different packages and discounts available

  • Monthly membership option

  • High quality and well-maintained equipment

  • Female owned

CrossFit Reedville
5(63 reviews)

97202 Portland+1 415-729-4090

Why CrossFit PE?
  • Gym has everything you need to achieve fitness goals

  • Knowledgeable and supportive coaching staff

  • Amazing and inclusive community

  • Well-rounded and challenging programming

  • Massive space with all the necessary equipment

5(59 reviews)

97203 Portland+1 503-749-9958

Why CrossFit Blue House?
  • Big beautiful space

  • Recovery room with cold plunge tub, sauna, percussive massage guns

  • Co-working space

  • Full kitchen offering cooking classes

  • Excellent coaches who meet you wherever you're at in your fitness journey

CrossFit Blue House
5(35 reviews)

97035 Lake Oswego+1 971-293-2900

Why CrossFit Lake Oswego?
  • Amazing community of people and coaches

  • Great coaching and programming

  • Strong and supportive community

CrossFit Lake Oswego
5(28 reviews)

97015 Clackamas+1 503-784-3029

Why Premonition CrossFit?
  • Great coach with excellent movement instruction

  • Passionate and caring community

  • Structured and programmed workouts

  • Clean gym with a great location

  • Helpful tips and coaching on specific exercises

Premonition CrossFit
5(20 reviews)

97062 Tualatin+1 503-427-2385

Why CrossFit Tualatin?
  • Awesome Gym and Awesome People!

  • Great coaches

  • Excellent coaching and encouragement

  • Clean, organized, and spacious gym with equipment

  • Wide variety of classes

CrossFit Tualatin
4.9(98 reviews)

97223 Tigard+1 971-344-5826

Why Rose City CrossFit?
  • Incredibly supportive place to improve your fitness level no matter where you start

  • Welcoming to people of all abilities

  • Coaching staff is extremely knowledgeable

  • Options for those who need to scale

  • Emphasis and attention to detail in teaching the more skilled movements

4.9(89 reviews)

98661 Vancouver+1 360-989-7765

Why CrossFit Fort Vancouver?
  • Lots of space and ample equipment

  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

  • Knowledgeable and helpful coaches

  • Great community of athletes

  • Challenging and rewarding classes

CrossFit Fort Vancouver
4.9(74 reviews)

97030 Gresham+1 503-453-9042

Why 3-46 Grit CrossFit?
  • Form and injury are paramount at this gym

  • Welcoming atmosphere with a community feel

  • Attentive and encouraging coaches

  • Train and coach every step of the way

  • Supportive members and staff

3-46 Grit CrossFit
4.9(69 reviews)

97213 Portland+1 503-575-9178

Why Mt. Tabor CrossFit?
  • Inclusive and friendly environment

  • Helpful and kind staff

  • Small class size for personalized instruction

  • Fun and challenging workouts

  • Supportive and close-knit community

4.9(64 reviews)

97008 Beaverton+1 971-770-1005

Why CrossFit SW Beaverton?
  • Caring and helpful trainers

  • Welcoming and friendly environment

  • Progressive workouts

  • Authentic vibe

  • Community atmosphere

CrossFit SW Beaverton
4.9(41 reviews)

97006 Beaverton+1 503-828-5136

Why Beaverton CrossFit?
  • Focused coaching on safety and form

  • Large number of female lifters

  • Great energy and camaraderie

  • Incredible coaches

  • Welcoming community

Beaverton CrossFit
4.9(33 reviews)

98665 Vancouver+1 360-433-9588

Why Industrial CrossFit?
  • Instructor Ashley gave great tips on form and was encouraging

  • Friendly and tightknit community

  • Coaches invest in individual goals and provide support for all levels of fitness

  • Welcoming to kids and made us feel like family

  • Knowledgeable coaches who care about form and technique

Industrial CrossFit
4.9(27 reviews)

97227 Portland+1 503-479-8461

Why Pacific Crest CrossFit?
  • Owners and staff work with all levels of members

  • Welcoming and friendly community

  • Excellent coaching

  • Fun workouts

  • Trainers willing to adjust workouts

Pacific Crest CrossFit
4.9(22 reviews)

97209 Portland

Why VC CrossFit?
  • Nice, clean, well maintained facility

  • Great, active coaching every class

  • Thoughtful workout programming

  • Vibrant community with a positive environment

  • Coaches are highly knowledgeable, experienced, conversational, and funny

VC CrossFit
4.9(18 reviews)

97123 Hillsboro+1 971-245-6398

Why CrossFit 45 North?
  • Super knowledgeable coaches

  • Friendly and welcoming community

  • Top notch programming

  • Huge space with all necessary equipment

  • Great sense of community

4.8(42 reviews)

97210 Portland+1 503-227-0130

Why CrossFit X-Factor?
  • Dedication to ongoing education

  • Huge facility with plenty of space

  • Free, private parking

  • Wide range of equipment

  • Highly educated and knowledgeable staff

  • Safe and effective training environment

  • Excellent 1 on 1 fundamentals course

  • Small class sizes

  • Plenty of room and equipment for everyone

  • Incredibly nice and supportive community

  • Free street parking available

CrossFit X-Factor
4.8(41 reviews)

97227 Portland+1 503-281-1083

Why Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club?
  • Incredibly kind and respectful staff

  • Welcoming and friendly community

  • Great workouts and tailored routines

  • Knowledgeable and patient owners

  • Well-equipped gym with a variety of barbells

Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club
4.8(33 reviews)

97219 Portland

Why CrossFit Woodslawn?
  • Kind and supportive owner and coaches

  • Good array of class times

  • Fun and non-aggressive community

  • Supportive community with excellent coaches

  • Balanced workouts for all fitness levels

  • Welcoming and inspiring coaches and members

  • Fantastic coach who makes CrossFit fun

  • People just want to get healthier

  • Monthly charity drives for the community

4.8(26 reviews)

97239 Portland+1 503-432-7450

Why CrossFit Hillsdale?
  • Friendly, relaxed, and supportive atmosphere

  • Focus on proper form, self-paced improvement, and avoiding injury

  • Variety of classes and great value

  • Welcoming and supportive community

  • Highly skilled coaches and quality weightlifting instruction

CrossFit Hillsdale
4.8(13 reviews)

97030 Gresham+1 503-491-5100

Why CrossFit Mt. Hood?
  • Amazing and really nice team

  • Coaches really care and plan the daily workout to make it fun and varied

  • They have a kids area

  • Crossfitters over 60 are welcome and encouraged

  • Good coaching and group of people

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