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49 Best CrossFit Boxes in Newark, United States

We found 49 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Newark, United States.

5(239 reviews)

07033 Kenilworth+1 973-425-5335

Why Golden Phoenix CrossFit?
  • Cares about your well-being

  • Helpful and encouraging coaches

  • Warm and welcoming community

  • Incorporates mobility, stability, strength, control, and skill with movement

  • Exciting and varied workouts

Golden Phoenix CrossFit
5(182 reviews)

07094 Secaucus+1 201-503-6326

Why CrossFit Secaucus?
  • Focus on getting the right form

  • Fun workouts

  • Safety is prioritized

  • Clean and organized location

  • Extremely patient and motivating coach

5(82 reviews)

07901 Summit+1 973-348-9457

Why CrossFit Veracity Athletics?
  • Veracity has a differentiated program for all fitness levels

  • Exceptional coaches

  • One-on-one coaching available

  • Welcoming community

  • Great equipment

  • Challenging workouts

CrossFit Veracity Athletics
5(64 reviews)

07470 Wayne+1 973-987-3019

Why Wayne Valley CrossFit?
  • Coaches are highly trained and knowledgeable

  • Customized workouts based on ability

  • Motivating and positive environment

  • Welcoming and enjoyable community

  • Technique and safety are prioritized

5(63 reviews)

07033 Kenilworth+1 908-316-8210

Why CrossFit TreeHouse?
  • Great coaching

  • Quality equipment

  • Very clean

  • Holistic programming

  • Friendly and supportive atmosphere

CrossFit TreeHouse
5(62 reviews)

07666 Teaneck+1 201-824-4264

Why Maxability Sports and CrossFit?
  • Best CrossFit workouts

  • Excellent coaches

  • Positive and motivating atmosphere

  • Customized workouts

  • Strong community

Maxability Sports and CrossFit
5(60 reviews)

11232 Brooklyn+1 718-768-0090

Why CrossFit 718?
  • Best box in Brooklyn

  • Great variety of workouts

  • Wide variety of athletes go to this box

  • Coach Tammy and Iz provide great insight and coaching

  • Large space and fantastic website

CrossFit 718
5(60 reviews)

07028 Montclair+1 973-337-6004

Why CrossFit Bridge?
  • The owners, coaches, and athletes are welcoming and invested in their clients' progress

  • Encouragement from coaches and community members

  • Fun and varied workouts

  • Supportive and inclusive community

  • Knowledgeable and professional coaches

CrossFit Bridge
5(57 reviews)

07041 Millburn+1 908-265-4505

Why CrossFit Millburn?
  • Easy to follow sign-up system and class reservations

  • Friendliness of staff and members

  • Members consider themselves a family

  • Diversity of members

  • Cleanliness of the gym

  • Amount and quality of equipment

  • Helpful and knowledgeable coaches

  • Organized and great equipment

  • Super knowledgeable and friendly staff

  • Welcoming and supportive athletes

  • Great environment for all levels and fitness goals

CrossFit Millburn
5(55 reviews)

11222 Brooklyn+1 917-720-6551

Why CrossFit Virtuosity?
  • Excellent coaching

  • Supportive community

  • Variety of equipment

  • Knowledgeable coaches

  • Rigorous programming

CrossFit Virtuosity
5(53 reviews)

07102 Newark+1 862-231-5202

Why Arrival CrossFit?
  • Best coaches who focus on form

  • Knowledgeable and genuine trainers

  • Individualized attention and scaling of workouts

  • Clean and organized gym

  • Welcoming and friendly members

Arrival CrossFit
5(49 reviews)

07094 Secaucus+1 201-892-1100

Why Submit 2 Fitness CrossFit?
  • Flexible scheduling

  • Friendly trainers

  • Clean and well-equipped gym

  • Fun and enjoyable workouts

  • Professional and informative coaches

5(43 reviews)

07030 Hoboken+1 201-414-6262

Why CrossFit Willow?
  • Facility is awesome

  • Programming is balanced and thoughtful

  • Coaches are extremely knowledgeable

  • Personal coaching tailored to individual needs

  • Effective in addressing chronic pains

  • Attentive and supportive coaches

  • Workouts are modified according to capabilities

  • Great community atmosphere

  • Programming is challenging and educational

CrossFit Willow
5(37 reviews)

07090 Westfield+1 908-233-0001

Why CrossFit 908 Central?
  • Owners and coaches are extremely knowledgeable and helpful

  • Push you to reach your fitness goals no matter the level

  • Perfect combination of cardio and Olympic weightlifting in programming

  • Thorough coaches

  • Friendly and welcoming community

CrossFit 908 Central
5(36 reviews)

11222 Greenpoint+1 516-941-6131

Why CrossFit Greenpoint?
  • Fantastic workout with expert trainers

  • Knowledgeable and caring coaches

  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

  • Challenging and fun classes

  • Modifications provided to accommodate everyone

CrossFit Greenpoint
5(34 reviews)

07071 Lyndhurst+1 201-212-2441

Why CrossFit KE?
  • Knowledgeable and dedicated coaches

  • Improvement in performance and endurance

  • Warm and welcoming community

  • Workouts designed for all skill levels

  • Coach offers scale down options for different levels of athletes

CrossFit KE
5(27 reviews)

07054 Parsippany+1 973-227-3459

Why CrossFit Unbreakable?
  • Coaches are knowledgeable and helpful

  • Friendly and fun atmosphere

  • Great support from staff

  • Large space in a convenient location

  • Outstanding coaches

CrossFit Unbreakable
5(26 reviews)

07102 Newark+1 732-705-1859

Why CrossFit St. Benedict's?
  • Phenomenal atmosphere

  • Cleanliness

  • Trainers

  • Allows you to go at your own pace

  • Positive environment

5(25 reviews)

07092 Mountainside+1 908-418-1829

Why CrossFit KOA?
  • Positive atmosphere for all members

  • Great community and sense of camaraderie

  • Coaches are knowledgeable and helpful

  • Individual attention and support during classes

  • Motivating and pushes you to improve

CrossFit KOA
5(23 reviews)

10029 New York+1 646-476-5585

Why CrossFit East Harlem?
  • Welcoming atmosphere

  • Competent and knowledgeable coaches

  • Clean and well-equipped gym

  • Supportive and encouraging community

  • Small group sizes

5(21 reviews)

07601 Hackensack+1 201-870-1453

Why Great White CrossFit?
  • Family atmosphere

  • Excellent coaching

  • Well-equipped facility

  • Friendly and welcoming environment

  • Smart programming with progression in mind

5(19 reviews)

07512 Totowa+1 973-464-1664

Why CrossFit Passaic Valley?
  • Coaches are true professionals and give individual pointers

  • Modifications available for surgeries or other issues

  • Warm and welcoming gym environment

  • Different exercises every time

  • Friendly and family-oriented atmosphere

  • Owners care about each individual's fitness goals

  • Extremely clean gym following COVID guidelines

  • Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable owner/coach

CrossFit Passaic Valley
5(10 reviews)

10305 Staten Island+1 347-465-7243

Why South Beach CrossFit SI?
  • Wonderful place, very inspiring/motivating

  • Very welcoming and positive community

  • The coaches are knowledgeable and respectful

  • Great addition to our community

  • Gained more in 8 months than in 10 years at the gym

5(10 reviews)

07087 Union City+1 201-305-5010

Why Union City CrossFit?
  • Amazing place to exercise and improve your life

  • Clean, spacious location

  • Great trainers who motivate and teach well

  • Caring staff and community

  • Brand new equipment and well-designed space

4.9(152 reviews)

07047 North Bergen+1 201-854-8585

Why HCST CrossFit?
  • Knowledgeable and experienced coaches

  • Clean and organized gym

  • Welcoming and supportive community

  • Gradually made working out enjoyable and rewarding

  • Coaches care about your success

4.9(106 reviews)

11217 Brooklyn+1 718-852-3725

Why CrossFit South Brooklyn?
  • Exceptional gym with a joyful and caring community

  • Excellent coaching staff that supports all levels of athletes

  • Amazing facilities with continuous efforts to enhance member experience

  • Welcoming and inclusive environment with a clear stance on inclusivity

  • Thorough coaching and great workout

CrossFit South Brooklyn
4.9(103 reviews)

07009 Cedar Grove+1 973-313-5217

Why CrossFit Cedar Grove?
  • Makes you feel like family

  • Patient with beginners

  • Welcoming environment

  • Great community support

  • Helpful coaches

CrossFit Cedar Grove
4.9(99 reviews)

07407 Elmwood Park+1 708-628-3784

Why CrossFit Elmwood Park?
  • Coaches provide support and challenge

  • Good community and facility

  • Knowledgeable and patient coaches

  • Well-organized classes

  • Diligent and attentive coaches

CrossFit Elmwood Park
4.9(98 reviews)

07302 Jersey City+1 917-456-9577

Why CrossFit Jersey City?
  • Incredible community

  • Achieved weight loss goals

  • Significantly improved basketball performance

  • Outstanding coaches with expertise and genuine care

  • Tailored training to enhance performance

CrossFit Jersey City
4.9(84 reviews)

10004 New York+1 646-490-4244

Why CrossFit Wall Street?
  • Intensive workouts that challenge mental and physical fitness

  • Well-structured program and awesome coaches

  • Different workouts everyday to avoid boredom

  • Workouts can be modified/scaled for all skill levels

  • Amazing, attentive, and fun coaches

  • Small class sizes for personalized attention

  • Workouts modified for individual abilities and injuries

  • Safety is a priority with warm-ups and proper form emphasis

  • Clean facility with individual bathrooms/showers

  • Great community and friendly members

  • Combines personal training benefits without high cost

  • Opportunity to make new friends

4.9(76 reviews)

07042 Montclair+1 973-337-6538

Why CrossFit Montclair?
  • Community is incredibly welcoming

  • Coaches are highly knowledgeable and encouraging

  • Well organized, clean, and has good equipment

  • Challenges and motivates members

  • Coaching is second to none

CrossFit Montclair
4.9(35 reviews)

11217 Brooklyn+1 917-909-0436

Why Park Slope CrossFit?
  • Extremely welcoming and easy to drop into

  • Classes are challenging but reasonable

  • Coaches are strict but caring

  • Members are supportive and welcoming

  • Great environment for classes and workouts

Park Slope CrossFit
4.9(27 reviews)

07022 Fairview

Why Semper CrossFit?
  • Everyone is super nice and welcoming

  • Chris Miller is a great coach

  • Workouts are always challenging

  • Family atmosphere and coaching techniques

  • Suitable for all fitness levels

4.8(257 reviews)

10023 New York+1 212-757-9507

Why CrossFit Spot?
  • Incredible experience

  • Great location

  • Nice clean space

  • Conveniently located

  • Smooth check-in process

  • Clean facilities

  • Ample equipment

  • Good mix of athlete levels

  • Patient and attentive coaches

  • Focus on safety

  • Great community and fellow members

  • Solid mix of weights and conditioning

CrossFit Spot
4.8(172 reviews)

10016 New York+1 212-301-2766

Why CrossFit Solace?
  • Quick and easy online registration process

  • Clean facility

  • Suitable for powerlifters and crossfitters

  • Variety of equipment

  • Friendly staff

CrossFit Solace
4.8(97 reviews)

11223 Brooklyn+1 347-599-6111

Why CrossFit Coney Island?
  • Experienced and knowledgeable coaches

  • Welcoming and supportive community

  • Effective workouts that challenge you

  • Attention to form and injury prevention

  • Great atmosphere and energy

CrossFit Coney Island
4.8(65 reviews)

07073 East Rutherford+1 862-205-3140

Why CrossFit Steam?
  • Small community

  • Supportive environment

  • Fun and engaging workouts

  • Knowledgeable coaches

  • Affordable price

  • Clean and well-maintained equipment

  • Welcoming atmosphere

  • Challenging workouts for all levels

  • Strong friendships among members

  • Competitive yet laid back atmosphere

  • Large space

  • Fantastic membership pricing

  • Safety is a priority

  • Coaches provide guidance and help

  • Encouraging and supportive community

  • No need to figure out what to do at the gym

CrossFit Steam
4.8(59 reviews)

10028 New York+1 212-288-8045

Why CrossFit Upper East Side?
  • Good instructors

  • Variety of different classes

  • Coaches are hands-on, approachable, and knowledgeable

  • Fun laid back vibe

  • Tough enjoyable workouts

CrossFit Upper East Side
4.8(53 reviews)

11101 Long Island City+1 347-848-0956

Why CrossFit Gantry?
  • Large space and well-maintained equipment

  • Knowledgeable and supportive staff

  • Varied workouts that target different muscles

  • Community that pushes and supports each other

  • Scaling options for every exercise

4.8(34 reviews)

10009 New York+1 347-201-2587

Why CrossFit East River?
  • Sense of community is exceptional

  • Knowledgeable and dedicated coaches

  • Welcoming environment to challenge yourself and grow

  • Remarkable results since joining

  • Attentive coaches provide personalized guidance and ensure proper form

CrossFit East River
4.8(11 reviews)

07110 Nutley+1 973-425-5335

Why Golden Phoenix CrossFit III?
  • Great gym with attentive coaches and welcoming community

  • Effective class structure with different strength levels based on abilities

  • Fabulous community with some of the nicest people

  • Top-notch instruction and coaching from the best professionals

  • Clean facility

Golden Phoenix CrossFit III
4.7(86 reviews)

10002 New York+1 929-376-7936

Why WillyB CrossFit Bowery?
  • Awesome box

  • Welcoming community

  • Great coach

  • Challenging workouts

  • Multiple locations

4.7(75 reviews)

10012 New York+1 212-254-9222

Why CrossFit Union Square?
  • Great place to workout

  • Coaches are awesome

  • Place is clean and well equipped

  • Intensity of workouts

  • Diversity of programming

  • Location is convenient

CrossFit Union Square
4.7(65 reviews)

07304 Jersey City+1 973-447-1299

Why CrossFit Chilltown?
  • Unbeatable price in the area

  • Top-notch selection of equipment

  • Expert coaching

  • Positive and energetic vibe

  • Supportive and motivating community

4.6(44 reviews)

10023 New York+1 212-731-2165

Why CrossFit Upper West Side?
  • The staff is excellent and welcoming, especially for a beginner

  • The gym is very spacious and well taken care of

  • The coaches are great

4.6(20 reviews)

07030 Hoboken+1 800-396-6705

Why CrossFit Hoboken?
  • Very good setup

  • Excellent coaches

  • Hard workouts leave you feeling great

  • Programming is very thought through

  • Coaches ensure correct form and give tips for improvement

  • Super fun and welcoming atmosphere

  • Very involved in the community

  • Plenty of equipment and class times to fit into schedule

  • Great owner, coaches, programming, and community

  • Positive atmosphere and supportive members

CrossFit Hoboken
4.4(91 reviews)

10018 New York City+1 646-234-8425

Why CrossFit Hell's Kitchen?
  • Nice box to drop-in while in NYC

  • Great facilities and programming

  • Coach Anthony provided good explanations

  • Good location downtown

  • Solid workout experience

CrossFit Hell's Kitchen
4.2(71 reviews)

11211 Brooklyn+1 929-376-7936

Why WillyB CrossFit?
  • Coaches are incredibly talented and super motivating

  • Inclusivity and modifications for all fitness levels

  • Community feels like a family

  • Attentive and energetic instructors

  • Challenging workout with different progressive phases

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