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15 Best CrossFit Boxes in Las Vegas, United States

We found 15 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Las Vegas, United States.

5(89 reviews)

89014 Henderson+1 702-626-9223

Why CrossFit Psyched?
  • Amazing gym culture

  • Knowledgeable coaches

  • Friendly community

  • Well-balanced workouts

  • Motivating environment

CrossFit Psyched
5(81 reviews)

89011 Henderson+1 702-778-3440

Why SinCity CrossFit?
  • The coaches are very knowledgeable and always willing to give advice and help you out.

  • The gym is very accessible and has an option for open gym in between classes which is great for people with busy schedules.

  • They put a heavy emphasis on warming up before the workout to avoid injury.

  • The coaches are extremely motivating and knowledgeable.

  • A HUGE facility with a wide range of equipment for an always engaging workout.

  • The atmosphere and members are all great.

  • The training and programming offered is life-changing.

  • The community is amazing.

  • The nutrition program and daily workouts have helped transform my body.

  • Having a coach and teammates to motivate you is invaluable.

  • The coaches and other members are so supportive.

SinCity CrossFit
5(62 reviews)

89032 North Las Vegas+1 725-888-5802

Why Iron Talon CrossFit?
  • Great atmosphere

  • Great people

  • Refreshing programming

  • Welcoming and engaging environment

  • Knowledgeable coaches and staff

Iron Talon CrossFit
5(41 reviews)

89123 Las Vegas+1 725-696-3037

Why Branded One CrossFit?
  • Great space with a friendly staff

  • Members were welcoming and very encouraging during the WOD

  • Well worth checking out when you are in Vegas

  • Nonprofit helping veterans is a massive bonus and inspiring as a coach myself

  • Clean & air conditioned gym with friendly staff and coaches

  • Workouts can be scaled back regardless of your fitness level

  • Workouts tracked through an app on your phone

  • Motivating environment to reach your goals

  • Inclusive crossfit program catering to disabled veterans

  • Coaches make you feel immediately at home and comfortable

  • Modified workouts to enable anyone to complete them

  • Great community and healthy way for Veterans to meet and workout together

  • Well designed programming

  • Smaller gym with a great community

  • Equipment is all great and the space is very well organized

  • One of the most welcoming gyms I have been to

5(27 reviews)

89178 Las Vegas+1 702-608-1441

Why Straight Flush CrossFit?
  • Super welcoming atmosphere

  • Fantastic instruction

  • Coaches care about each person

  • Proper technique and form emphasized

  • Convenient class times

Straight Flush CrossFit
4.9(250 reviews)

89103 Las Vegas+1 702-766-7716

Why The Strip CrossFit?
  • Great facility!

  • Programming was on point

  • Coaching was excellent

  • Members were welcoming

  • Workouts are always on time

  • Coaches are awesome and attentive

  • Uplifting community

  • Super easy to drop in

  • Fun atmosphere

  • Friendly and helpful staff

  • Gym is air conditioned

4.9(155 reviews)

89052 Henderson+1 702-505-4002

Why CrossFit Veni Vidi Vici?
  • Coaches are extremely helpful and patient

  • Facilities are clean

  • Positive atmosphere and sense of community

  • Coaches care and are super helpful

  • Consistent attendance makes it easy to interact

CrossFit Veni Vidi Vici
4.9(143 reviews)

89120 Las Vegas+1 702-647-1126

Why PFC CrossFit?
  • Great experience

  • Welcoming and knowledgeable coaches

  • Top-notch facility

  • Fantastic community

  • Instructors with positive energy and support

PFC CrossFit
4.9(113 reviews)

89129 Las Vegas+1 702-489-9800

Why CrossFit Raw Appeal?
  • Amazing vibes and the best community

  • Friendly, energetic, and helpful members

  • Very knowledgeable and approachable coaches

  • Sound programming to improve physical capabilities

  • Welcoming and fun environment

CrossFit Raw Appeal
4.9(86 reviews)

89148 Las Vegas+1 757-571-8688

Why CrossFit Social City?
  • Personalized 1-on-1 sessions are amazing

  • Supportive and friendly environment

  • Positive vibes and great coaching

CrossFit Social City
4.9(65 reviews)

89119 Las Vegas+1 702-996-8617

Why Rhino CrossFit?
  • Amazing coaches

  • Supportive environment

  • Greatly planned workouts

  • Family-friendly atmosphere

  • Attentive trainers

Rhino CrossFit
4.8(32 reviews)

89118 Las Vegas+1 702-685-8156

Why CrossFit Culmination?
  • Great atmosphere with welcoming and supportive community

  • Excellent coaching that pushes you to do better

  • Large facility with quality equipment

  • Varied and challenging programming

  • Opportunity for open gym workouts

CrossFit Culmination
4.7(22 reviews)

89081 North Las Vegas+1 702-633-7977

Why Hellfire CrossFit?
  • Amazing experience

  • Friendly and motivating staff

  • Great group of people

  • Useful tips and insight provided

  • Super supportive and fun atmosphere

4.5(76 reviews)

89131 Las Vegas+1 702-478-6553

Why CrossFit Apollo?
  • Great coaching

  • Great community

  • Great workouts

  • Coaches help modify difficult exercises

  • Variety of classes throughout the day

  • Each coach genuinely wants the best for you

  • Wonderful coaches and members have become like a second family

  • Always have fun

CrossFit Apollo
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