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29 Best CrossFit Boxes in Burlington, United States

We found 29 CrossFit gyms and boxes in Burlington, United States.

5(161 reviews)

02472 Watertown+1 857-228-0785

Why CrossFit Arsenal?
  • Great coaches

  • Supportive and knowledgeable coaching staff

  • Welcoming and comfortable environment

  • Well-curated full body workouts

  • Friendly competition and sense of community

5(134 reviews)

02128 Boston+1 617-874-8885

Why Eastie CrossFit?
  • Incredible community of athletes

  • Patient and motivating coaches

  • Knowledgeable about movement and injury prevention

  • Holistic approach to wellness

  • Spotless facility

  • Talented and motivating coaching team

  • Clear and effective communication when teaching

  • Alternative exercises for any age group, ability or health challenge

  • Focus on form and health

  • Adjusts training to different athletes' levels

Eastie CrossFit
5(102 reviews)

02472 Watertown+1 617-393-1808

Why CrossFit City Line?
  • Coaches are knowledgeable and attentive

  • Large and well-organized facility with plenty of equipment

  • Supportive community of coaches and classmates

  • Offers scaling options and accommodations for injuries

  • Emphasis on learning proper technique

CrossFit City Line
5(85 reviews)

01887 Wilmington+1 978-924-8351

Why CrossFit Ares?
  • Amazing gym with top of the line equipment

  • Extremely knowledgeable, easy going, and approachable coaches

  • Encouraging and passionate coaches who help develop strong fundamentals

  • Welcoming community with no ego and everyone helping each other

  • Classes offered throughout the day to fit into any schedule

CrossFit Ares
5(73 reviews)

01949 Middleton+1 978-304-0938

Why CrossFit Wicked?
  • Best CrossFit gym ever

  • Great community and coaches

  • Challenging and motivating workouts

  • Friendly and fun environment

  • Well-rounded athlete development

CrossFit Wicked
5(59 reviews)

01760 Waltham+1 781-472-2035

Why CrossFit TILT?
  • Fantastic facility all around!

  • The space itself is spacious and clean

  • The equipment is all in excellent condition

  • The workouts are all explained super well with modifications offered

  • An awesome community that will welcome anyone, regardless of your level of fitness

CrossFit TILT
5(54 reviews)

01776 Sudbury+1 978-443-8637

Why CrossFit TILT II?
  • Welcoming and friendly atmosphere

  • Knowledgeable and approachable coaches

  • Meticulously prepared classes

  • Integrated scaling options during class

  • Strong community

5(39 reviews)

01906 Saugus+1 339-210-6560

Why CrossFit Route 1?
  • Sense of community

  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

  • Regular social events and friendly competitions

  • Challenging and fun workouts

  • Plenty of humor and positivity injected into every class

  • Supportive coaches and members

  • Diverse group of athletes

  • Knowledgeable and supportive coaches

  • Personal focus to help each individual meet their goals

  • Incredible community

  • Great coaches who make members comfortable and support each other

CrossFit Route 1
5(33 reviews)

01778 Wayland+1 508-217-4442

Why Daybreak CrossFit?
  • Supportive community

  • Amazing workouts

  • Awesome coaching

  • Different workout tracks

  • Elevates fitness and helps you look and feel better

Daybreak CrossFit
5(24 reviews)

02452 Waltham+1 781-678-8900

Why CrossFit Watch City?
  • Great coaches who pay close attention to your form

  • Challenging workouts that push you to be your best

  • Welcoming and supportive community

  • Improvements in strength and technique translate to other areas of life

  • Inclusive and positive community

CrossFit Watch City
5(23 reviews)

01852 Lowell+1 978-985-8941

Why CrossFit Merrimack?
  • Great place to get physically and mentally strong.

  • Excellent selection of coaches.

  • Very friendly environment.

  • Great sense of community.

  • Coaches are professional and knowledgeable.

  • Large and open facility.

  • Supportive and inspiring community.

  • Coaching is the best and most knowledgeable I have ever had.

  • Grown so much as a person and athlete since joining.

CrossFit Merrimack
5(18 reviews)

01720 Acton+1 781-999-0835

Why Powdermill CrossFit?
  • Clean and well equipped gym

  • Skilled and knowledgeable coaches

  • Strong sense of community and support

  • Helpful in achieving fitness goals

  • Positive and friendly atmosphere

Powdermill CrossFit
5(13 reviews)

01864 North Reading+1 603-557-9688

Why CrossFit No Regrets?
  • Excellent facility

  • Great coaching

  • Amazing community

  • Well run and organized classes

  • Nice coach and excellent cues

5(8 reviews)

01960 Peabody+1 781-258-1151

Why CrossFit 128?
  • Kevin was really great and helped me with modifications

  • The class was excellent and targeted every area

  • Every person in the class was really nice and welcoming

  • The coaches immediately took me under their wing and never made me feel inexperienced

  • The clientele has a positive mindset and a desire to move toward personal goals

CrossFit 128
5(7 reviews)

01862 Billerica+1 978-584-3990

Why CrossFit High Power?
  • Great coaching staff that tailors workouts to individual needs

  • Bright, clean, and spacious facility

  • Convenient location with no issues for parking

  • Supportive and friendly community

  • Wide variety of class times and programs available

5(5 reviews)

01845 North Andover+1 978-655-6428

Why CrossFit North Andover?
  • Inclusive environment and welcoming feel

  • Knowledgeable coaches who work with physical limitations

  • Super friendly CFNA community

  • Top notch fitness coaches

CrossFit North Andover
4.9(103 reviews)

02127 Boston+1 617-780-9769

Why CrossFit Southie?
  • Amazing workouts

  • Helpful and encouraging coaches

  • Welcoming atmosphere

  • Challenging and well-programmed workouts

  • Great balance of strength and CrossFit skill work

CrossFit Southie
4.9(84 reviews)

02135 Brighton+1 857-400-8739

Why CrossFit Boston?
  • Excellent coaching

  • Clean and well-maintained facility

  • Friendly and supportive community

CrossFit Boston
4.9(55 reviews)

01801 Woburn+1 415-793-8978

Why CrossFit Woburn?
  • Big family atmosphere

  • Amazing energy and love

  • Great coaches

  • Great workout atmosphere

  • Nice people

CrossFit Woburn
4.9(49 reviews)

02453 Waltham+1 617-833-0340

Why CrossFit Newton?
  • Sense of community

  • Knowledge and compassion from ownership

  • Reaching goals at skill and strength levels

  • Feeling accomplished physically and mentally

  • Great workout and welcoming community

CrossFit Newton
4.9(38 reviews)

02476 Arlington+1 571-643-8588

Why CrossFit Accolade?
  • Great facility with plenty of equipment and space

  • Amazing programming

  • Awesome coaches

  • Lively membership

  • Supportive and encouraging community

4.9(34 reviews)

01852 Lowell+1 978-710-8280

Why CrossFit Lowell?
  • Awesome coaches

  • Great equipment

  • Welcoming community

  • Dedicated and helpful coaches

  • Roomy and clean facilities

CrossFit Lowell
4.9(33 reviews)

01824 Chelmsford+1 617-515-7684

Why CrossFit 110?
  • Very impressed and a bit humbled by the athletes at this gym.

  • A great atmosphere with very friendly people.

  • The owner is a gem. Kim is so caring and makes you feel at home.

  • With my injuries, there is always a substitute workout to do.

  • Great gym with a great owner. Kim cares about the success of every member.

  • She has mastery at teaching.

  • The coaches that work with and for her are A+.

  • Every coach has been patient and helpful even if I was unable to perform a move.

  • I am stronger, faster and a lot more confident since joining CrossFit110.

  • Friendly gym! Plenty of equipment and an easy and laid back drop-in experience!

  • Thanks for helping me keep up with my workouts while on the road. Much appreciated!

  • The community at CrossFit110 is welcoming, friendly, and supportive.

  • The workouts pack a real punch in just an hour.

  • The time honestly flies with how the community makes each workout fun.

  • You're encouraged to push yourself, but in no way does it feel like a competition with anyone other than yourself.

  • I love the range of both class and open gym times.

  • I never have to worry about not being able to fit a workout in on a given day with all the options.

  • This place is INCREDIBLE. From the community that feels more like family, to the absolute BEST coaching.

  • Before coming here, I dreaded walking into a gym but everything changed when I walked into CF110.

  • I look forward to every single workout.

  • I started coming 2x a week and now come Monday through Friday because I WANT to be around the great people that are here.

  • The facility is CLEAN and has all the best equipment.

  • The staff makes sure the place is in great condition when you walk into class.

  • So thankful to be part of this community❤️

CrossFit 110
4.9(27 reviews)

02142 Cambridge+1 617-491-8271

Why Kendall Square CrossFit?
  • Extremely knowledgeable coach

  • Useful pointers on handstand push-ups

  • Access to rest of athletic club with drop in fee

  • Great community

  • Knowledgeable coaches

4.8(31 reviews)

02150 Chelsea+1 781-820-3135

Why Carter Park CrossFit?
  • Coaches really know their stuff

  • Community is fantastic

  • Focus on form during workouts

  • Supportive and welcoming environment

  • Individual attention from coaches

Carter Park CrossFit
4.7(38 reviews)

02143 Somerville+1 617-764-3366

Why CrossFit Somerville?
  • Great drop-in experience

  • Friendly and fun community

  • Cool and spacious gym

  • Improvement in strength and mobility

  • Supportive coaches

CrossFit Somerville
4.6(106 reviews)

02143 Somerville+1 617-642-5197

Why Commonwealth CrossFit?
  • Engaging and motivating workouts

  • Great coaches

  • Supportive gym members

  • Good facilities

  • Welcoming community

Commonwealth CrossFit
4.6(66 reviews)

02149 Everett+1 617-203-2061

Why CrossFit RBP?
  • Fantastic gym with great owner, coaches, and members

  • Nice space and tons of equipment

  • Knowledgeable coaching staff

  • Incredible community and lifelong friendships

  • Supportive coaches and friendly members

  • Super welcoming community

  • Best facilities in the area

CrossFit RBP
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